Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas (White Christmas Review)

Master Wolf here! Well... after my first 0/5 review, I feel like I need something to bounce back from such a terrible review... but what... Oh I know! How about a classic Christmas movie! I know just the one! So lets go take a look at a very well known classic, 'White Christmas'.

The movie is about two soldiers who left the Army following World War II, become a successful song and dance team. The two soon meet two sisters, who also are successful song and dance team, and the four soon head up to Vermont to go to a lodge which happens to be owned by their former commanding General. However, the lodge is in trouble and to help the General, the four put on a show and eventually perform a very special Christmas show for the General.

I must say, for a film that was released in 1954; it really stands out with the other Christmas movies out there. It's also worth mention that cast of this movie is truly outstanding and even Bing Crosby stars in this as well as singing 'White Christmas' which I find that version to be really beautiful. The Song themselves are really catchy and you will fall in love (and even laugh) with the musical numbers. I think this movie caught the true meaning of what Christmas should be and makes you want to watch it again and again.

I will say that this is a must see movie and part of your collection to own, as this is truly a family film to watch during the holidays. The songs are true classics, the scenes are amazing, and even the story is truly touching. I will say it again, go and get this movie and if you can't then turn to AMC and find when it would come on. It's a Christmas that is truly classic.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

No wonder why it's a ghost... (A Call of Duty Ghost Review)

Master Wolf here. ...I got nothing to say that this has to be... the worst game (or should I say the worst copy and paste game ever) I have ever seen and I don't know why people play it to begin with. It's no wonder why IGN said that 'Frostbite 3 and Battlefield 4 put Call of Duty Ghost to shame.' That's right... we are going to look at Call of Duty: Ghost... god shot me...

First off... the story really sucks... I'm sorry but it seems like they rehash the stories from previous Call of Duty Games and place them in Ghosts. I'm serious, I look at each other to levels and I can't help but saying 'wasn't that level was in (insert previous game)?' okay okay, moving to the 'actual' story; basically a fictionalize group known as the Federation (wait... Star Wars reference anyone?) which are made up by South American nations, have taken over US Satellite ODIN (again... another movie reference) and fired it on the US... now this begs a question... if the US have a Kinetic Bombardment Satellite... should they have verification if any space shuttles comes near such a weapon like that... just saying... anyways, they fired ODIN at the US itself (west coast) and soon the US is crippled and on the defensive... So know we follow two brothers, Logan (you control and never talks... at all...) and Hesh (seriously... that's his name... who came up with that shitty name), as they perform (and I'm not kidding) 'right of passage' by their father who is NO WAY A GHOST CAUSE I CAN ALREADY TELL FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!!!

okay okay... so basically they find out that someone is hunting the Ghosts (No they are not Ghost Recon, because they are more likeable than the guys in COD...) which so happens to be one of their own. (No... I'm not kidding...). So why is a US Spec Op defected to the enemy and hunting down his fellow squad mates... because he was brainwashed after being left behind after a mission years ago... yeah I am not interested in why the guy motives because it's dumb... I don't care... besides the ending to this game... FREAKING BULL!!!

I won't put up the 'spoiler warning' because... it's exactly the same thing from MW2... basically the guy comes back, stab your character, talk to you for a bit, then drag you off screen. However... he was SHOT IN THE CHEST AND WAS UNDERWATER?!?! How the flippin hell you survive that?! Please I want to know how one survives a bullet to the chest and being underwater inside a tram car!!!

so basically the campaign totally sucks... I am not even going to touch Multiplayer because it sucks too... it's the same goddamned maps from the previous CoD games and no matter what they do with 'character creator' or their 'perks' systems... it's still the same flippin game like the last games...

The graphics... Same flippin graphics at the last couple of CoD games... nothing impressive and a big freakin fail. Oh they were so promoting their 'Dog and Fish'... WHO CARES?!?! LOOK AT BATTLEFIELD 4!!! THEY DID MORE THAN YOU!!!

This is, by far, the worst CoD Game ever; it didn't even surpass the sales of Black Ops II and that's saying a lot. It seems that the CoD community has finally realize that they want something more than the same game, over and over again (or the copy and paste game). So I agree with that IGN said that BF4 did put CoD:Ghosts to shame... pure shame. It's no wonder why it's called Ghost for a reason, cause it's basically a game that doesn't even delivered. So while other games takes steps forward, CoD is only taking step backwards from here on out.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Lucky Charm? (Ashikai's Shamrock Review)

Masterwolf here! We all know what is a shamrock and what they represents like for me, I'm Irish, they represent St. Patricks Day and being Irish. However, what would happen when you have the name Shamrock as a title for a comic? Well you can forget anything have to do with Lucky Charms people, for this is one hell of a Ghost story! This is 'Shamrock' by Ashikai

The story follows Isaac (No! Not the one from Dead Space people!) who is curious about another student by the name of Samantha Rockman, as she has been bringing objects to class that seems to be glowing for some reason (One could guess they were misplaced at the Nuclear Power Plant or something that is radioactive.) So Isaac decided to follow sam to see what is up and realize he has stumble upon something that would change his normal life. Samantha is in turn a Gate Keeper, task to hunt down and retrieve everyday objects that have been mutated into monster like forms (wait... does that means my chair would turn into a monster?...). So after experiencing what Sam does, She asked Isaac if he would be her partner in hunting down ghost. For that point on, It's a wild ride.

I must say, the story itself is very interesting and while at first the premise of it (basically the part where objects turn into monsters) but once you get down to it, it can make sense since the object might hold something dear to an individual (like a teddy bear for example). There are also humor that I thought was really great and funny when we see our hero get into a situation from everyday school life to hunting ghost.

The Artwork itself is a Black and White style, but like the others I have reviewed before; This comic really brings out the best of Black and White style comics. The Details to each of the characters, the background, the creatures (the objects to say the least), and the landscape where it takes place.

'Shamrock' is really a great comic to read if you are in to ghost hunting stories. While at first the premise of the comic sounds a bit weird, once you get really into how the world of 'Shamrock' works, then you will understand and from their own; it only gets better. I recommend you all go read this comic!

You can find 'Shamrock' and Ashikai's other works with the following links:





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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Eternal Winter (a Disney Frozen Brief Review)

Master Wolf here! Well today I must say that, DISNEY'S BACK!!! and what better way to show that they are back then the recent release of Disney's Frozen!

This will be a short review as I do not want to spoil anything from this moment, however I will tell you that this is a movie that you must see in 3D! This movie is meant to be seen in 3D because of the visuals and the landscape of the movie. Since this movie takes place in Norway, the clothing, the hairstyle, all the way to the buildings and design all have the Norwegian feel to them which is really great to see! The characters themselves are very funny and loveable even the minor characters themselves. 

The animation in this movie is something that really stands out above every single animated movies that has been released so far this year! I am really starting to warm up to the new animation, including the new short that was at the beginning of the movie! really does have a lot of thought and have must have been a lot of fun to work on. 

This is a must see movie of the year and the next movie (Saving Mr. Banks) only gets me more excited as Disney is back on track with amazing movies and next year might be something worth wild!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Piti's Wuffle: The Big Nice Wolf Review

Master Wolf here! Today I'm going to look at a webcomic series that is really good, it deserve to be up there with the other comics i have reviewed. So without further delay, lets head right into Piti's 'Wuffle: The Big Nice Wolf'

This series follows Wuffle and his friends as they get into interesting and funny situation or do something to help their community in Gingerbread Village. This is really a great comic to read as it really does lighten up your day with all of the humor and moments found in the comic. The character design for each of the characters really does suits them best and their personality does in fact relate to the readers.

The art style for this webcomic is really great. It almost feels like its an animated short than a comic (Which that would be awesome) and the background feels like something off an oil painting. I must say that with the other comics I have reviewed in the past, this comic really does shine above the rest.

I know this is a short review than the others I have done, but what can I say? This is a comic that I really enjoy and that it should be up there among the other comics I have reviewed. So without a doubt, Piti's comic is truly a real treasure to read!

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Prepare 4 Battle! (A Battlefield 4 Review)

Master Wolf here! Well it's time for another game review and I decided to review a game that have came out and it's the one from a series that I really enjoy a lot! So put in a fresh magazine in, put on your helmets, and prepare yourselves as we go right into Battlefield 4!

The game feature Single Player campaign and Multiplayer with their own assignments and unlocks. So lets start off with the SP campaign that to my opinion, is way better than the one in BF3.

The campaign lets you play as Recker, a member of Tombstone Squad of the USS Valkyrie, as he and his squad goes on missions across China in order to stop Admiral Chang. As the story progress we get introduce to other characters that would be a major role in story as it continues. Each of the Characters in BF4 Campaign are really unique to that makes them really likable and relatable. As you continue through the campaign, you get to unlock certain weapons (knifes, guns, and pistol). The story itself is really a big improvement from the last game and it shows. It brings more of the emotions and the feel from the characters and the situation that they are in like in the first mission. I will say to anyone that you should play the campaign first, not only to unlock the weapons for MP, but as why to learn about the controls in BF4.

With the campaign being a major improvement from BF3, what does the Multiplayer in BF4 have in store for us? Well let me just say that it has a huge amount of unlockables and moments that will want you to continue playing it. So lets dive into the classes and what they do.

There are four classes that are in the game; Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon. each class has their own strength and weakness as well as weapons and gadget that are specific to that class. while playing a specific weapon or class, they have their own unlock tree that have more weapons and gadget to be unlock and try out on the battlefield. I will say that BF4 MP is much better than BF3 as it gives you much more freedom to choose how you want to fight in the game. The same can go with vehicles, however there is a catch.

The vehicles in BF4 have a limited ammo and spots on them that can give it not only a critical hit, but kill their mobility making them slower or immobile. The limit ammo gives it more of a thinking moment like should you use the main cannon and waste your ammo and wait until it's replenish or using the secondary for infantry and the main cannon for armor targets. What is really different from BF3 is that the vehicles themselves have more customizability and different type of primary and secondary weapons, countermeasure, and others. Another new feature to BF4 is the Attack Boats which I love and can be a deadly vehicle if you have the right settings for the Attack Boat and a crew that helps you out as you have two gunners and a passenger that could be use for repairing.

Returning to BF4 is everyone favorite mode, Commander. This is truly a game change as he can deploy UAV, EMP, Cruise Missile, AC-130, and many more. If both the infantry and the commander works together, then they will truly be a deadly force.

I don't care what some people say about the game, Battlefield 4 is truly the best game ever to come out from DICE and it truly is a revolution or 'Levolution' as it brings back what Battlefield is truly about. Go get this game as it will truly be an amazing experience you will have!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Xex's Eternity Concepts Review

**WARNING! the following review will contain mature themes as this comic have several of them. Viewer Discretion is Advised. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!**

Master Wolf here! Well its been awhile since I have posted my last review and its time to get into things. So to start things off with a comic that is recommended to me to read, it's called 'Enternity Concepts' by Xex.

So what's the story behind the comic? The story follows a Roman Catholic priest named Julian Skyy, who is deeply depressed with some problems that can be relatable to the reader. On a day he was suppose to carry out his plan, he ends up finding someone already beat him to it, which causes Julian to forget about the plan and starts a new one which is to save a life. It becomes clear to Julian that the world of reality is not all that we thought and continues to try and help an Atheist named Hallow to beat his own depression.

The story itself is really interesting, almost like it was taking a dives into what can happen in our lives (almost). the characters themselves are relatable to the readers as they can easily make a connection with them, which is a  good thing; making the story that much good. The one thing that I find  interesting about the comic is the use of religion since Julian is a priest of a Roman Catholic church. Why I find it that interesting? Well if you think about it, religion can have a big impact in our everyday lives; for example, there are some extremists who believes their religion should be the only one and nothing else. (Yes, it's a touche subject to bring in; but you know it's true.)

The art style is something unique and that details that go into it is really stunning. It does help when it comes to the expression of the characters that really does speak for themselves and even I'm impress with the environment that the characters are in, though not as prefect but still pretty impressive.

Now the comic did warn you about the mature themes that can be found in the comic. Again the comic does dive deep into what happens (almost) in our lives and what are the consequences for one's actions. I will give the comic credit and that it makes it for a believable situation that the characters are in.

'Eternity Concepts' is really a good comic that despite all the mature themes it has, makes it a good read. I will say give this a read, However I must warn you that if you do; expect to see mature themes as this is not a comic for kids.

You can find 'Eternity Concepts' and Xex's other works by following the links below!


Hallowed Capriccio:







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Monday, October 7, 2013

Suggestions for my next review

Master Wolf here!

Well, I know its been away since I last updated my reviews; I have been really busy as of late with finding a job, helping my parents, and other things. So I am making this post to see what you want me to review.

It can be anything such as; Movies, Games, TV shows, Comics, or Books.

Leave a comment here and I will go along the line of which people want me to review the most or maybe do a special on it.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to Tier 1 (A Medal of Honor Warfighter Review)

Master Wolf here! Well it's time we look at a game and one that I really love from the first game I picked up all the war to the recent game in the line up. The series I am talking about is Medal of Honor, a game that is really great from the World War 2 games (Frontlines, Rising Sun, Airborne, Vanguard, and many more) to their modern day games (MoH 2010) and the game that I will be reviewing. Welcome to Medal of Honor: Warfighter!

The game itself continues from Medal of Honor 2010 where we follow Preacher, Mother, and Voodoo on their missions to stop threats from around the world and to stop a terrorist group that is planning something big. It not only dives into the life of a Special Forces member, but also the relationship of the family and the effects it has on them. The graphics is really amazing capturing the details of the characters and the surroundings of the places that we are in; not to mention capturing the emotions of the characters depending on the moment they are in.

I like how the single player campaign ties in well with Medal of Honor 2010 and having characters we all know so well making a comeback in Warfighter. The storytelling to Warfighter is amazing and I really love that it dives in deeper with the Special Forces from not only the US, but from around the world (I.E. Polish GROM forces). To them, they are brothers in arms and they look out for eachother because they all fight for the same reason; to stop those that threaten their country.

Now lets go into Multiplayer:

In Multiplayer, there are 12 groups to choose from and here is the following groups;

Canadian JTF2
British SAS
Norwegian FSK/HJK
Swedish SOG
German KSK
South Korean UDT/SEAL
Polish GROM
Australian SASR

from them you get choose what country you want to represent and play against others to earn tokens to see who is the best Warfighter Nation. The maps themselves are really good and offer many flanking, sniping, choke points, and open areas to fight in. There is also a buddy system which means that you and your buddy have each others back and support one another by playing as a fireteam. I play rounds and found out that if you are with your buddy then you will find yourself at the top when you and your buddy fight and back up each other throughout the match. 

There are 6 classes to choose from (Sniper, Assault, Demolition, Heavy Gunner, Pointman, and Spec Op.) and each class as their own weapons for that class. As well as the weapons, the equipment each one has are unique for that class; one might have grenade launcher, the other has ballistic armor, and so on. There are tons of customization that one could spend hours picking the right one to fight that player's gameplay experience. 

Overall, I love Warfighter and love Medal of Honor. This is a game that goes really well with Battlefield and its a perfect companion to it. I do hope to see more Medal of Honor in the future because this series is really amazing and always dedicate the game to the men and women who serves in the military.

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Hewy's Mythology Review

Master Wolf here! So we all know about the Myths from many different cultures and race depending on what part of the planet you're on. Many ranging from Greek to Native American with each their own unique ways of viewing life itself. Now what happens when you go on a journey and meet all of the mythical creatures, gods, and spirits? You get Hewy's 'Mythology' series.

The story follows Bluarathes (aka Blue), along with his friend Leon, an inventor, and Andrea, an Equitaur with a secret. They are on a journey to find pieces of a sacred relic to prevent an evil that is far more powerful than the Greek Gods themselves from being release. On their journey, they meet several mythical creatures, gods, and many more as they venture across the world in their search for the relics.

Story wise, this is a really interesting series that Hewy has created alongside his other series like 'Digimon Heroes'. the character designs for the creatures and gods are very unique and are not like the ones that they were portray in the past media. The main characters themselves are really good too; each of the three heroes both have something that are relatable to the reader and are very likable.

Mythology feels like a great way to get you interested in the subject. If it finds it why to become a comic or a youtube series at best, I would no doubt give it a shoot and perhaps maybe be a popular series. So here's to Mythology for its great setup, amazing cast, and a wonderful journey that readers would want to see more off.

You can find Mythology by clicking on the following links!


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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fixer's Shapeshifter: A tale yet untold Review

Master Wolf here! Well after my last review, I have been busy as of late; but that's what you get when you trying to find a job, help around the house, and working on other personal projects. However, its time for me to get back on the review bandwagon and go for another comic. So lets dive right into Fixer's 'Shapeshifter:A Tale Yet Untold'

So our story starts of explain what happen in the year 1999. (Something tells me this was based on the Y2K). Actually this takes the Y2K and puts it to shame... apparently 5 planets appeared out of nowhere and thus been called the Chaos Formation. the five planets align and fired what I believe to be a beam of light and sent it towards earth after taking quarter of the moon off (already what... 4 pages in and shit already hit fan...). Rather than the light (after what it did to the moon) destroying Earth, instead it release chaos and Pandemonium across the planet leaving death and destruction on the humans. (yup... shit hit fan hard). However one human (followed later by other humans) stand up and confront the chaos and destroy them, which later fueled the courage to other humans to join and fight which they would be called Endorei.

I must say that the comic itself is really interesting, that it does have a good backstory so we could understand what happen and what could we see in the future.

The artstyle itself... I can't get the feeling that some of the style was from Bleach... but then again it's me. However, the characters themselves are identifiable and has their own unique style for them.

Overall, its a good comic to read. although the comic isn't quite my cup of tea; it still gets me interested in what will happen next in the story. Go for a read and you won't be disappointed.

You can find 'Shapeshifter: A Tale Yet Untold' and other works from Fixer with the following links;




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Monday, September 16, 2013

Kura's SCaibot - Bishonen Warriors Review (sorta)

Master Wolf here! Well its no surprise that Kura has really amazing comics and artwork with original characters and story (or some really great fanart). However, she started another comic that I must say I am liking it so far. This comic that Kura has created is called 'SCaibot - Bishonen Warriors'

Now this won't be a full review, however I will be doing my first impression on the comic and give my thoughts on how well this comic holds up compare to the others that Kura is working on. So on with the (sorta) Review!

So the story is very interesting and that its not that far fetch from today. basically the story is about robots and androids doing jobs that humans either can't do or don't want to do. I must say when it comes to androids and robots, the creativity of designing what one will look like in the future really are amazing to see in this comic. We soon learn that there are also those that are build for combat only (no not military purpose, but entertainment purpose) to fight one another in a tournament for human entertainment. I would say that this reminds me of a show called Battlebots... but from what we here may as well put Battlebots to shame (sorry Battlebots.)

Anyway, the story itself is very interesting and the way it introduce us to the world of SCaibots is really unique. I really like the comic as much as I enjoy reading Raven Wolf. Since the art style is a lineart style of comic (sorta like black and white) it really does make my mind think of what the world would be like in color.

So overall, the comic itself is worth the watch. It only gets better from here on out and maybe when the first few chapters are done I can do a full review of it. However, First Impressions of it; I really enjoy reading this comic (from a guy who done 9 years of FIRST Robotics, this already gets my attention.) So go and read this comic, I promise that this won't disappoint you.

Final Verdict:
(pending until full review)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Story review

Master Wolf here! Well this one is a collab comic between several artists in a series called 'Story'

Now with the art style changing from page to page that plot it self is funny at best with references or just original ideas (Fluffy Cute Spiders for the win!) The plot itself seems to be loose at best, but despite the loose plot it still keeps it going with interesting a funny ideas. The characters are all original from the artists that are taking part of the collab which is always fun to see who they all react to eachother.

I must say that this is really good to read just for laughs and to see what else the artists have to offer with each page having something to offer and the humor never ends. So if you want to have a fun comic but not worry about the plot, then this is the comic for you!

You can find 'Story' here on MangaMagazine:

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Novil's Sandra and Woo Review

Master Wolf here! so what happen when a little girl adopts a raccoon who can talk? You get one heck of an adventure between the two in Sandra and Woo.

So Sandra and Woo is a webcomic that follows Sandra and Woo the raccoon on their many adventures together. while there is no clear plot from what I gather, however it does make it up in the situations that our two characters comes across with funny moments for each of the situation. However, as I read through the comic, I realize that what it was going for was what growing up means for Sandra and her best friends in middle school. I find this really good and quite heart warming. We all know what are childhood is like and sometimes don't want to grow up, but we soon realize that there are times where we have to grow up and step into a world that is different than what we think. 'Sandra and Woo' really does a good job portraying this, but in a more hilarious matter.

The art style is really good too, really capture the feel of not only the environment but the characters as well. I do like the idea of having a raccoon being the main character companion which is good idea and have some good humor for it.

With a good coming of age story and great characters, I find this is be a good webcomic to go read and see what else it have to offer. So go and have a read!

you can find 'Sandra and Woo' as well as Novil's other works by clicking on the following links


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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mullana's Sugarland InFUSION Review

Master Wolf here! So here's a thought for you, what happens when a world of cute and lovable creatures all of a sudden collides with the world of reality. what you get is an adventure of a lifetime and lots of cute and innocent wonders. This is Sugarland InFUSION.

The story follows Hasi and Fwuff who happens to find themselves into the world of Reality after a fog rolled in and transported them from their world into our world. The entire idea of having characters from a cute and innocent world coming into the harsh reality of our world is a interesting idea all on its own. the characters themselves are really great too, seeing them exploring the world of reality while still retaining their innocents. Like I said earlier, it a really interesting story that execute it well.

The art style itself is like interesting one. Its not like any black and white comics I have seen before, but it uses the variants of black, grey, and white which is really great when it comes to detailing. the detailing it self is really amazing, giving each character, location, and building their own feel and design to them.

I have to say, Sugarland InFUSION is a comic that I really enjoy when it comes to cute characters in the world of reality. Give this a read and I'm sure you will have lots of fun reading it.

You can find Sugarland InFUSION and Mullana's other works by clicking on the following link:


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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nerepi's The Reaper and the Girl

Master Wolf here! So here's an interesting thought; what happen when you have the Reaper, the bringer of death himself, place in several funny moments when he has to take care of a little girl? You get Nerepi's The Reaper and the Girl.

The comic could be consider like those Sunday comic pages that you get in the Sunday Newspaper, which I will say that it should be. There is a lot of funny moments that everyone could relate to when it either come with taking care of children, however what makes it even more funny is that it has the bringer of death himself trying his best to take care of the little girl while trying to do his job as the Reaper.

Like I say, this comic feels like a Sunday comic page with each illustration having a new type of dilemma that the Reaper has to face with the little girl, usually always end up in a hilarious way. I think that having someone who is suppose to scary (Werewolf, Vampires, Reapers, etc.) are forced to take care of a little girl makes it a funny and hilarious story or events for them. Its a clever idea to have the icons of horror stories be put into these roles.

the characters, the Reaper and the little girl, are really funny and plays off each other really well. Its always fun to watch these two and often wonder what will happen next between them. Readers can really relate to them because it resemble of trying to take care of a child, which makes it for some really funny moments in life. Its these moments that makes it really great and those reminds us of the fun moments rather than the hectic moments of taking care of a child.

As I said earlier, this is a great comic that should have a spot on a Sunday Comic Page in the newspaper. It has a great idea, great characters, funny moments, and above all really great similarity with real life. I say go read it, it won't disappoint you.

You can find The Reaper and The Girl and Nerepi's other works with the following links!




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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Katelyn's Jade Dragon Review

Master Wolf here! So we all know about the legends of 12 animals known as the zodiacs, but what would happen when the Zodiac spirits are inside 12 selected individual people with the Dragon Spirit being the leader? You get Katelyn's Jade Dragon!

So the story behind this comic is that it follows Kaida Suzuki, who happens to be the vessel of the powerful dragon spirit of the legendary zodiacs. Now her mission is to go out and search for the other zodiac vessels to help her defeat an evil that could destroy the entire planet! So far, the story is really good with some really humor and action to it. Like I said, the story is only in chapter 2 and has more to offer; However, I am enjoying the story so far and loving every page that comes out. the character Kaida is really good character and would love to see what she will endure in her quest and (this is just me) change into an anthromorph dragon which I think would be badass! but I have to wait and see/

The art style is really good; almost like an anime type style with what I believe small hints of a cartoon style. Again, this is in black and white; but if you remember from my other review that despite it being black and white, as long as you have great details to it you can have a great comic. Now I love the dragon design that Katelyn created and would love to see it in action later in the comic.

Now remember, this comic is on the 2nd chapter right now; but I have no doubt that this comic will be really good! I say go and have a read of chapter 1 and parts of chapter 2.

You can find Jade Dragon and Katelyn's other works by going to the following links!


Jade Dragon Website:





Tumblr 1:

Tumblr 2:

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rogo's Gravston Review

Master Wolf here! Time we once again go back to reviewing comics from my good friends of MM! So what happens when you combine Mysteries, the Supernatural, and Shounen? You get Rogo's 'Gravston'!

So what the story that 'Gravston' have to offer, the story is about Samuel Mortimer who discovered that he's a death host who are beings to act as the embodiment of death itself. Now Samuel use his new duty as a Death Host to hunt down and destroy Demons and Creatures who violates the laws of life and death (in short, the Circle of Life) by combining their bodies and souls. As the comic progresses, we see that Samuel isn't the only one with strange and mystical powers. It seems that his hometown has something more to it than what it seems to be.

I must say... this story is really interesting and engaging! Its kinda like one of those story where hero is just a normal everyday guy by day and a kickass demon slayer at night types. I do say that 'Gravston' has a really great storyline to boot! As the comic progresses, we get a deeper look into the world of 'Gravston' and what makes it very unique. There is also some really great humor that goes well with the seriousness that is going on and at often see the main character has to go with on a day to day basis.

Speaking of character, there are a great variety of characters for the reader to love or can't wait to see if the character gets his/her just dessert. the demons and creatures that are in 'Gravston' have some really cool design to them and at times looks really cool. even the mythical creatures have some really interesting design.

The art style that goes into the comic is really great. despite that its a black and white comic, it does makes it up with it's environment and the details that goes into it. I say that even with it being a black and white comic, you can still make it work if you add in a lot of details into it.

'Gravston' has to be one comic that I really love when it comes down to Supernatural and Mystery aspect. Give this a read, I promise that you will have a great time reading it!

You can find 'Gavston' and Rogo's other works by clicking on the following link!


Final Verdict:

Friday, August 23, 2013

LKHFF Review

Master Wolf here for another review! Today is a very interesting review as I look into a group who does crossovers with movies, shows, events, and other things. I am talking about the folks of Lion King Heart Fantasy Films.

Now the members of this group all do crossover with original characters or characters from films that joins the group in their adventures through time. I must say that when it comes to crossovers, its always either a hit or miss when it comes to what are you crossing over and how it is executed. So when I read what LKHFF has, I must say that I was really amazed how well they have done so far. Each story (whether its a movie, a tv show, historical event, or an original story) have the characters of LKHFF go through the story, helping the characters of the said story as well as help fight the enemy.

The characters that are a part of LKHFF are really likable and funny, but also can be serious when the moment calls for it. I have seen character designs of being in different movies (Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and more) and I would love to see who the folks of LKHFF pulls it off.

I recommend giving what they have a read and I promise you will like what they have to offer. With a good line of characters, great crossovers, and amazing character designs; It's clear that they executed the art of crossovers perfectly.

Here's the link to their group page so that you guys can have a look.


Final Verdict:
LKHFF: 5/5

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blake's Cowboy Shark Review

Master Wolf Here... and granted we come to a comic series that even I have no idea what it is. However, I done many readings and I would like to share what I found; for this is Cowboy Shark.

So what's the story behind this comic. Well... there isn't really a story to be honest, just follows cowboy shark and his penguin partner around fighting evil (I guess you can call it a story?) Well to be fair, I did come up with one conclusion with this comic; and that would be is a random joke comic. Why is it that I think it's a joke comic? lets go into detail why.

For starters, the comic makes fun with the stereotypical Shonen Manga and it shows. some of the things you see in the comic are making fun at the shonen culture (If you don't know what that is, I suggest you look it up). So this is really a making fun of the Shonen culture while having random WTF moments in them. To be honest, once I figure that out; it actually makes sense. Now I don't read Shonen manga (because I don't find them interesting), but from what I gather and by just looking through them while I am at Books-a-Million; its basically an over the top drama with some over the top fight scenes. Granted that I may not be an Anime or Manga fan totally; I do find some of them really interesting (Like Beast Warriors Gulkeeva).

However, I myself don't know a lot about Japanese Animated or Comic culture (I mostly love the artistic feel and some of the tradition Japanese hold); so I say that it's... not bad. Granted that i didn't know what I was going into since all my childhood I grow up watching American Cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Disney, and so forth) as well as my all time favorite Thomas the Tank Engine. However I never really explore the world of Manga or Anime for that manner until I was in High School.

So if you like a comic (or manga for that matter) that makes fun of the Shonen culture with random WTF moments; I say just check it out, it's not the best like other comics; but it's a decent read.

You can find Cowboy Shark and Blake's other work here:

Final Verdict:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hewy and Digimon Heroes

Master Wolf here! Today is the double feature special were I look into not only the series that person created, but the person behind it. This person is not only created some really good stories and series; but also have his very own reviewing channel. So who is this person I am talking about? It's none other than HewyLewis (aka Logan) and his series Digimon Heroes!

Lets first start off with his series; Digimon Heroes!

So what's the story behind this. Unlike the Digimon we all know which are set in Japan, this one is actually set in New York City, New York in the good old U.S.A. (Interesting setup) The location along is a good change from the anime as we get to see new locations and new heroes to raise to defend both world! With a really great location, how does our story start?

The story starts out with introduction our heroes; Robert, Joey, Eva, Chris, Mike, Jermaine, Kevin, and later on Rixu. They soon are paired up with their Digimon partners (some who are familiar and some who aren't) as they fight wild Digimon then slowly finding themselves fighting the supreme ruler and his general not only for control of the digital world, but the human world as well.

I must say, I like Digimon Heroes! It does even have tributes to the original show and not to mention a tribute to a movie 'Digimon: Our War Game'. The character themselves are like the original digidestineds from Adventure season which each has their own traits to them and can be related to depending on the chapter. I like how the characters have their own moments in the spotlight and have their own character arc that each one of them goes through and shows at the end of the series.

There is also another thing that I like about Digimon Heroes is the Digimon and their digivolution. the one digimon that I would pick for an example is Renamon. We all know her mega form is Sakuyamon; however, Logan changed it into a anthromorph fox since its different from the other digimon series. To be honest... I actually like Logan's version of Sakuyamon better than the original. It keeps her appearances as a fox all the way through the digivolution chart (which I don't get why beast type digimon always have a human type digimon as their mega). I'm surprise that this idea hasn't even come across the table to have something like this done... well here's praying for something like this.

Now while it is a text-based script for a comic; there is a comic in production that goes very well with the text-based comic. You can find it here:

now I know there is a second series to Digimon Heroes, which is Digimon Heroes 2.0. To be honest... I did not actually find it that all interesting to me. now grated what it was going for is really neat... but its just that, it just takes away from other all feel of what Digimon Heroes has set up by adding cameos from TV shows and games to human bad guys with supernatural or enhanced cybernetics (also there is a russian assassin after them too.) So just to be fair, I enjoy Digimon Heroes... just not so much with Heroes 2.0 (sorry)

Now for the creator himself, I must say I find his work really inspiring and creative. He have really amazing ideas for stories and characters and the settings he places them in. although his style is very simple, it does help to understand what the characters look like and what they wear to help us easily identify what the character looks like when reading his series. Not only is he a creative artist and author, but a good reviewer.

He have a channel on both Youtube and That Fellow with the Coat website calling 'Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews' starring as HewyLewis. He reviews animated movies that are CGI, Stop Motion, Hand Drawn, or puppets (I wonder if he would do a review on the Muppet movies...). His reviews consists of the following;

New Movies: A short description of the latest animated movie in theater and list those who done the voice acting and directed the movie

Old Movies: A long description of an animated film that is already own and gives his thoughts about it and commenting about each scene (whether its pointing something out or making a joke of a scene)

Top list: depending on the topic, goes through from least to most of the topic

In most episodes; he have his friends come on and do the reviews with him as guest co-host. I really do enjoy this because you have two different point of views of the movie that is being review. I have to say that I do enjoy Logan's movie reviews just as much as I do enjoy with Doug Walkers' NC review.

Without a doubt, Logan is a skilled artist and reviewer. If you want to check him out, click on the following link:




Final Verdict:
Digimon Heroes: 5/5

How my reviews work

Master Wolf here. Well I guess I should have put this as the first blog here; but it didn't cross my mind until now. So I decided to tell you all how my reviews work

To start with, all my reviews are the like other reviewers; go in, read, watch, or play through what you are going to view. However unlike most critics, I give them a fair point and understanding of what they are trying to go with (like with Disney Planes, which some of you don't realize that the director of Pixer, John Laxendure, is the new CEO of Disney Animation Studio). My reviews goes like this.

The Story: What is the story that is set in the world that the author, animator, designer, etc. have created and what conflicts are set before.

The Characters: Who is are characters? Are they related to the reader/gamer/viewer? Are they well balance with each other? and are they creative.

Artistic: How is the artwork/graphic hold up? what type of feel do you get from it?

Experience: This one I put in because its the experience that you get from reading, watching, or playing. It matters if you had a good experience with it or not.

Overall: basically, What do I feel at the end. Would I recommend to everyone or would it be a miss.

Final Verdict: So this is how I score things in my review

5 = Awesome
4 = Great
3 = Good
2 = Not Bad
1 = Bad

So with that out of the way, I will be back here with another review; however, I will hold a suggestion page of what people would like me to review and see what my opinion are for those. So send your suggestions to me and I am sure that I will watch, play, or read them through and come back with my opinion on them.

So for tomorrow review; lets say that I will be doing a double feature of a series and the person who created it.

Cya around!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Disney Planes Review

Master Wolf here, time we take a break from the comic reviews and look at a movie that I went to go see. The movie I went to was none other than Disney Planes.

Now I won't go details like I did with my other reviews, but I will say this... This movie is awesome! I must say that this one I really love a lot, great characters, amazing animation, and great humor. The songs are really great when it comes to the mood of the scene or the moment that our hero, Dusty, have to endure when he competes in the 'Wings Around the Globe'. I don't care what critics have to say about the movie, I went in, saw it, and would love to watch it again until  Blu-Ray comes out! If there is one thing I want to say is that the planes looks like the real thing (unlike the kid show Jay-Jay the Jet Plane with freaky faces).

Did you know that Dane Cook, the famous comedian, is the voice actor for Dusty? I must say that I am really surprise that he did an amazing job voicing him. I have heard some of his skits on youtube and I was a bit worried since his comedy consist of adult humor; but then I had a flash back to my childhood and remember about another famous comedian who did narrations and a character in my favorite show, George Carlin. He played Mr. Conductor and the Narrator for Thomas the Tank Engine, but before that he was a comedian who's skit consist of adult jokes. In the end, Carlin did a fantastic role as Mr. Conductor and the Narrator by giving each character their own personal voice impression. So with Dane Cook as Dusty in Disney Planes, he did an amazing job.

Like I said before, this movie is awesome and can't be missed. I positive that you will have a fun time watching this movie.

Final Verdict:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Raymond's Bully Eater Review

Hello everyone! Master Wolf is back and ready to continue the reviews! Today we'll be looking into a comic that I think has to be really clever and amazing; It's none other than Raymond's Bully Eater!

So what's the story behind this; we follow a kid name Isao Akio who happens to be victim of bullying (I know the feeling since I too was bullied in High School, but I showed them a thing or two) However unlike how most people deal with bullies, Isao goes to a local material arts dojo and works out until he is able to defeat his bullies with ease (without messing up his hair to boot) However things starts to change when he is transfer to Longwei High. There, he soon finds out that the students (and the teachers) all have some kind of supernatural abilities.Now teaming up with Tien Lung, a member of the Dragon Eaters, Isao prepares to show the Nine Dragons gang that they won't stand up to their bullying.

I find myself liking this series the more I read and after receiving the first book by winning a raffle and reading it; I came up with this conclusion. Bully Eater is fantastic! The world that we are experiencing is really amazing, with people who have special abilities that goes to Longwei High and to those that goes there; it's just a everyday thing (unless your new to that school). The humor that goes into it plays it off really well and even the moments are perfectly timed to the actual events that is going on. The characters themselves are can really relate to the reader and the events that goes on in the story.

The artwork that goes into the series is really great, giving off the anime feel of it. the design of the characters and the environment around them are amazing. I actually have a good laughs when I read the comic and even find some good points to make a joke of the situation that the characters are in. The artwork follows very nicely from being almost realistic to comedic antics that plays off with each other really good.

Bully Eater is a must read that I am sure everyone would love to see it. With colorful characters, amazing artwork, and funny humor; It goes without a doubt that Bully Eater is truly an awesome comic!

You can find Raymond's Bully Eater and his other works by the following links!





Final Verdict:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chamelleon's Lucas the Dwarf Chameleon Review

Master Wolf here. Before I leave for my vacation that is tomorrow and I won't get back until the 15th of August; I decided that I will post a review of another comic from a friend of mine. What's that said comic you ask, why it's none other than Chamellon's 'Lucas the Dwarf Chameleon'

Now this comic is a very unique one since there is no set story line or possible threats that our characters have to face. Rather, it's almost like episodes of a cartoon featuring our stars in unique yet funny situations. So we have our main character Lucas, a dwarf Chameleon, who is a happy go lucky type of character and would always find something to do (even if that something would cause a living hell for someone else). The characters themselves are very colorful and often times have something funny to bring to the table. Like I said, there isn't a set story line for this, but what it makes it up is the funny adventures Lucas and his friends embark on.

The art style to this comic has a cartoon style (like you see on TV) and that the character design resembles their animal counterpart rather well. From the look as to where this comic is set in (which happens to be Africa), I must say that it's really interesting. I find myself really loving this comic a lot not because of the art work itself, but the characters and how they interact with each other on a daily basis.

There haven't been any update to the series since I last read it, but besides that it's still a good series to read and wanted to see what else Lucas and his friends get themselves into next. I would recommend this series for those who want to just have a good laugh!

You can see Chamellon's comic and his other works of art by the following links!


Final Verdict:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Red's Copyright Infringement Review

Welcome once again! I'm Master Wolf with another review! This time, we will be looking at a comic series called 'Copyright Infringement'

so what's the story behind this one; apparently its a crossover comic with other comics with our two heroes, Jake and Ace, chasing after a Wraith of Chaos who opens up a dimensional portal leading to other worlds. Meeting colorful characters along the way, its up to our heroes and their newly made friends to stop the Chaos Wraith from destroying everything.

right off the bat the art work is... kinda okay I guess. It's not that it's bad or anything, but the quality of the picture can be at times hard to read what the characters are saying at some times as well as coming out blurry in most cases. Though however I still find it to be a cartoon style art work going on with it. while most comics I have come across so far are digital, this one is very unique due to it's traditional style of art. You can easily tell that a lot of fun went into each of the pages and the expressions of the characters.

Now the story on the other hand is really quite interesting as it has our two heroes travelling to different worlds in order to stop the evil forces from destroying the universe. The idea is an interesting one and if done right, could be a good comic.

despite the quality of the picture and the artwork, 'Copyright Infringement' does have an interesting story and a cast of colorful characters. its worth a reading despite the problems it has due to what could be a lack of scanner. however I would ignore those problems and just enjoy the story that is presenting.

You can see 'Copyright Infringement' and Red's other work of art by these following links!  


Final Verdict:

KC's Neon Glow Review

Master Wolf again with another Review! This time we are going into a world known as 'Neon Glow'.

The story to this comic follows two main characters, Jake and Zedof, as they go out and capture creatures known as 'Neon'; which happens to be animals spirits caused by a special type of nuclear radiation. Its up to our two heroes to locate and capture the Neons, who can be dangerous, form harming the public.

I must say, the world of 'Neon Glow' has to be a very interesting world to live in. The animal spirits themselves have unique bright colors and names to go with it. As the name suggested it, the colors of the animal spirits gives off a neon look to them which could possible make them glow all on its on. Each of the character design to them are very unique with each character having his/her design that could be a great clothing wear in real life. The art style has a anime/cartoonist feel to it which works really well when you get down to the comedic side of 'Neon Glow' and not to mention funny gags popping up here and there.

The characters themselves have very interesting personality which is well balance with the other characters. It does have fun with them and the situation they are in, like Jake always blush whenever he sees Zedof without a shirt or just lifting the shirt up. Zedof himself is a funny character with the situations he finds himself in (like we he goes out on his first Neon hunt by himself).

Overall the story is good and the artwork that goes in it is very good as well. 'Neon Glow' is a good series to read for laughs and have a good time seeing what could happen next to our heroes.

You can see 'Neon Glow' and KC's other works of art by the following links!


Planet Kalzy:




Final Verdict:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wally's Comatose Review

Master Wolf here, bringing you another review from my good friend Wally and his comic Comatose!

So the story goes that an average teenager named Jack Phoenix finds himself why over his head with a force that is far from the human imaginations. I must say that the story itself is really interesting as well as the world he is in. although it starts out slow, it really does pick it up as you continue on; giving us an idea as to what is going on and how things work in the world. The characters themselves are really an amazing and have their unique personality, even some that could be easily identify with the readers. While the story itself can be serious at times, it still has the comical relief which is a good balance.

The artwork to this comic is something to mention on a whole different scale, the detailing that goes into each of the comic pages is really fantastic. It has a style of realism but takes advantage with the comical style when the moment calls for it. Each characters can be easily identify by their unique character designs and the environment around them feels alive as well.

Comatose is one of those comics that deserve to be read over and over again. The story itself is amazing as well as the characters themselves. With amazing artwork and story, Wally's Comatose is really a worthy comic that could even go up against the mainstream manga's.

You can find Wally's other works by the following links!




Final Verdict:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zea Webb's A Black Crane Review

Master Wolf again, We'll be looking into another great comic from the creator/artist, Zea Webb and his comic, A Black Crane!

Right off the bat, I really love the cover to this comic. I really love the many type of birds with our three main characters (with one of them somehow ended up in a pelican's mouth... must have the short end of the stick.)

The plot for this comic follows three sisters, Cecily, Hayden, and Ada, who hate birds and finding themselves being attacked by them and by a mysterious figure. As the story continues, we get some really amazing character development from the sisters and even their ally, the Black Crane. Even though the story is short, it's still a comic worth reading and may give you a chuckle or two.

the artwork that goes into each page is really amazing, despite it being a black and white comic; it still have amazing details and uses it to it fullest. The birds look almost look as real and have great amounts of details to them, including the cutest of baby ducklings. The main characters themselves are really good and each one of the have their unique personality and development throughout the story.

Despite that it's a short comic, it still makes it up with it's amazing artwork and story to go with it. I will recommend this comic for anyone who loves short stories.

You can find this comic, and Zea's other works, by the following links.



Final Verdict:

EasyComics' Bio-Revelations Review

Master Wolf here! It's time to take another look at another comic, this time from the talented EasyComics! with her series, Bio-Revelation!

I must say that I am really like this comic just as much as Kura's Raven Wolf comic. The story itself is really interesting as it as it has a unique combinations with a well known story and civil rights movement.
So what's the story; it sets in a not so far future where cloning is legal, however that's when things starts to go wrong. It would seems there are fanatics who (for some reason) starts to segregate the Clones from the Humans calling themselves 'Friends of Humanity' (Though they are more like a somewhat Terrorist group because of what we see them do actually). We meet our hero, Trevor, who is a Watson clone fighting for equal rights with his brother and other clones in peaceful rallies in order to show they are living beings as well. During the even that would be leading towards a bill that would cause turmoil, Trevor begins to fall in love with a human girl named Eunice though she is going out with another boy named Jeremiah. If it doesn't hit you now this is a retelling of the famous story 'Romeo and Juliet'.
I must say this is really a interesting retelling of the classic story (but with a twist) adding the issues of civil rights, religion, corruption, theocracy, and many more. 
I would recommend this series a read. Though a word of warning, the series can get dark and mature as it is a retelling and a twist of Romeo and Juliet. Despite we all know what happen at the end of the classic story (if you haven't then read the book!) but however, this is completely different retelling and we have to wait and see how this will end.
You can find her comic, plus many amazing works of art, with these following links!

Official Website:

Final Verdict:

Kura's Raven Wolf Review

Hello Everyone! I am Master Wolf and I am here to bring you a review of a good friend of mine!

For my first review for the Blogger, We're taking a good look at a very good comic/novel from Kura; called 'Raven Wolf'.

There is one thing that I could really say up and front about this series, Epic!
Raven Wolf would be one that I recommand for anyone to read (both the Novel and Comic). Since the series is still on going (The Novel and the Comic) I won't spoil much, However I will say that it follows several characters and the growing situation that may threaten not only those around them, but the entire planet.
As the novel is really great when it comes to explaining what is going on and sets up really good character development; While in the comic, the visuals are amazing and artwork that goes into each page are amazing as well. Both Novel and Comic have their own unique standard which is really cool, like one is telling a story differently than the other.
Each character in Raven Wolf has their own personalilty that the readers could relate too. Like for example, Teddy Conner; A Wild living in the city who at first is embarass about his family culture, but as the story continues he realize that he should embrace his culture rather than trying to push it away in order to fit in. I don't have a favorite character because I like all the character in Raven Wolf since each character have their own unique personalilty.
If your the one looking for a good comic/novel that has anthros, sci-fi, and fantasy; give both a read and I promise that you will love this amazing series.

You can find her amazing works on these following links!

Main Website:

Online Store:



Tumblr: (which have the cutest background ever!)


Final Verdict: