Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hewy and Digimon Heroes

Master Wolf here! Today is the double feature special were I look into not only the series that person created, but the person behind it. This person is not only created some really good stories and series; but also have his very own reviewing channel. So who is this person I am talking about? It's none other than HewyLewis (aka Logan) and his series Digimon Heroes!

Lets first start off with his series; Digimon Heroes!

So what's the story behind this. Unlike the Digimon we all know which are set in Japan, this one is actually set in New York City, New York in the good old U.S.A. (Interesting setup) The location along is a good change from the anime as we get to see new locations and new heroes to raise to defend both world! With a really great location, how does our story start?

The story starts out with introduction our heroes; Robert, Joey, Eva, Chris, Mike, Jermaine, Kevin, and later on Rixu. They soon are paired up with their Digimon partners (some who are familiar and some who aren't) as they fight wild Digimon then slowly finding themselves fighting the supreme ruler and his general not only for control of the digital world, but the human world as well.

I must say, I like Digimon Heroes! It does even have tributes to the original show and not to mention a tribute to a movie 'Digimon: Our War Game'. The character themselves are like the original digidestineds from Adventure season which each has their own traits to them and can be related to depending on the chapter. I like how the characters have their own moments in the spotlight and have their own character arc that each one of them goes through and shows at the end of the series.

There is also another thing that I like about Digimon Heroes is the Digimon and their digivolution. the one digimon that I would pick for an example is Renamon. We all know her mega form is Sakuyamon; however, Logan changed it into a anthromorph fox since its different from the other digimon series. To be honest... I actually like Logan's version of Sakuyamon better than the original. It keeps her appearances as a fox all the way through the digivolution chart (which I don't get why beast type digimon always have a human type digimon as their mega). I'm surprise that this idea hasn't even come across the table to have something like this done... well here's praying for something like this.

Now while it is a text-based script for a comic; there is a comic in production that goes very well with the text-based comic. You can find it here: http://mallfoxgreen.deviantart.com/

now I know there is a second series to Digimon Heroes, which is Digimon Heroes 2.0. To be honest... I did not actually find it that all interesting to me. now grated what it was going for is really neat... but its just that, it just takes away from other all feel of what Digimon Heroes has set up by adding cameos from TV shows and games to human bad guys with supernatural or enhanced cybernetics (also there is a russian assassin after them too.) So just to be fair, I enjoy Digimon Heroes... just not so much with Heroes 2.0 (sorry)

Now for the creator himself, I must say I find his work really inspiring and creative. He have really amazing ideas for stories and characters and the settings he places them in. although his style is very simple, it does help to understand what the characters look like and what they wear to help us easily identify what the character looks like when reading his series. Not only is he a creative artist and author, but a good reviewer.

He have a channel on both Youtube and That Fellow with the Coat website calling 'Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews' starring as HewyLewis. He reviews animated movies that are CGI, Stop Motion, Hand Drawn, or puppets (I wonder if he would do a review on the Muppet movies...). His reviews consists of the following;

New Movies: A short description of the latest animated movie in theater and list those who done the voice acting and directed the movie

Old Movies: A long description of an animated film that is already own and gives his thoughts about it and commenting about each scene (whether its pointing something out or making a joke of a scene)

Top list: depending on the topic, goes through from least to most of the topic

In most episodes; he have his friends come on and do the reviews with him as guest co-host. I really do enjoy this because you have two different point of views of the movie that is being review. I have to say that I do enjoy Logan's movie reviews just as much as I do enjoy with Doug Walkers' NC review.

Without a doubt, Logan is a skilled artist and reviewer. If you want to check him out, click on the following link:

Deviantart: http://hewylewis.deviantart.com/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Hewylewis?feature=watch

TFWTC: http://thatfellowinthecoat.com/hewylewis.php

Final Verdict:
Digimon Heroes: 5/5