Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How my reviews work

Master Wolf here. Well I guess I should have put this as the first blog here; but it didn't cross my mind until now. So I decided to tell you all how my reviews work

To start with, all my reviews are the like other reviewers; go in, read, watch, or play through what you are going to view. However unlike most critics, I give them a fair point and understanding of what they are trying to go with (like with Disney Planes, which some of you don't realize that the director of Pixer, John Laxendure, is the new CEO of Disney Animation Studio). My reviews goes like this.

The Story: What is the story that is set in the world that the author, animator, designer, etc. have created and what conflicts are set before.

The Characters: Who is are characters? Are they related to the reader/gamer/viewer? Are they well balance with each other? and are they creative.

Artistic: How is the artwork/graphic hold up? what type of feel do you get from it?

Experience: This one I put in because its the experience that you get from reading, watching, or playing. It matters if you had a good experience with it or not.

Overall: basically, What do I feel at the end. Would I recommend to everyone or would it be a miss.

Final Verdict: So this is how I score things in my review

5 = Awesome
4 = Great
3 = Good
2 = Not Bad
1 = Bad

So with that out of the way, I will be back here with another review; however, I will hold a suggestion page of what people would like me to review and see what my opinion are for those. So send your suggestions to me and I am sure that I will watch, play, or read them through and come back with my opinion on them.

So for tomorrow review; lets say that I will be doing a double feature of a series and the person who created it.

Cya around!