Monday, August 26, 2013

Rogo's Gravston Review

Master Wolf here! Time we once again go back to reviewing comics from my good friends of MM! So what happens when you combine Mysteries, the Supernatural, and Shounen? You get Rogo's 'Gravston'!

So what the story that 'Gravston' have to offer, the story is about Samuel Mortimer who discovered that he's a death host who are beings to act as the embodiment of death itself. Now Samuel use his new duty as a Death Host to hunt down and destroy Demons and Creatures who violates the laws of life and death (in short, the Circle of Life) by combining their bodies and souls. As the comic progresses, we see that Samuel isn't the only one with strange and mystical powers. It seems that his hometown has something more to it than what it seems to be.

I must say... this story is really interesting and engaging! Its kinda like one of those story where hero is just a normal everyday guy by day and a kickass demon slayer at night types. I do say that 'Gravston' has a really great storyline to boot! As the comic progresses, we get a deeper look into the world of 'Gravston' and what makes it very unique. There is also some really great humor that goes well with the seriousness that is going on and at often see the main character has to go with on a day to day basis.

Speaking of character, there are a great variety of characters for the reader to love or can't wait to see if the character gets his/her just dessert. the demons and creatures that are in 'Gravston' have some really cool design to them and at times looks really cool. even the mythical creatures have some really interesting design.

The art style that goes into the comic is really great. despite that its a black and white comic, it does makes it up with it's environment and the details that goes into it. I say that even with it being a black and white comic, you can still make it work if you add in a lot of details into it.

'Gravston' has to be one comic that I really love when it comes down to Supernatural and Mystery aspect. Give this a read, I promise that you will have a great time reading it!

You can find 'Gavston' and Rogo's other works by clicking on the following link!


Final Verdict: