Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chamelleon's Lucas the Dwarf Chameleon Review

Master Wolf here. Before I leave for my vacation that is tomorrow and I won't get back until the 15th of August; I decided that I will post a review of another comic from a friend of mine. What's that said comic you ask, why it's none other than Chamellon's 'Lucas the Dwarf Chameleon'

Now this comic is a very unique one since there is no set story line or possible threats that our characters have to face. Rather, it's almost like episodes of a cartoon featuring our stars in unique yet funny situations. So we have our main character Lucas, a dwarf Chameleon, who is a happy go lucky type of character and would always find something to do (even if that something would cause a living hell for someone else). The characters themselves are very colorful and often times have something funny to bring to the table. Like I said, there isn't a set story line for this, but what it makes it up is the funny adventures Lucas and his friends embark on.

The art style to this comic has a cartoon style (like you see on TV) and that the character design resembles their animal counterpart rather well. From the look as to where this comic is set in (which happens to be Africa), I must say that it's really interesting. I find myself really loving this comic a lot not because of the art work itself, but the characters and how they interact with each other on a daily basis.

There haven't been any update to the series since I last read it, but besides that it's still a good series to read and wanted to see what else Lucas and his friends get themselves into next. I would recommend this series for those who want to just have a good laugh!

You can see Chamellon's comic and his other works of art by the following links!


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