Thursday, August 29, 2013

Katelyn's Jade Dragon Review

Master Wolf here! So we all know about the legends of 12 animals known as the zodiacs, but what would happen when the Zodiac spirits are inside 12 selected individual people with the Dragon Spirit being the leader? You get Katelyn's Jade Dragon!

So the story behind this comic is that it follows Kaida Suzuki, who happens to be the vessel of the powerful dragon spirit of the legendary zodiacs. Now her mission is to go out and search for the other zodiac vessels to help her defeat an evil that could destroy the entire planet! So far, the story is really good with some really humor and action to it. Like I said, the story is only in chapter 2 and has more to offer; However, I am enjoying the story so far and loving every page that comes out. the character Kaida is really good character and would love to see what she will endure in her quest and (this is just me) change into an anthromorph dragon which I think would be badass! but I have to wait and see/

The art style is really good; almost like an anime type style with what I believe small hints of a cartoon style. Again, this is in black and white; but if you remember from my other review that despite it being black and white, as long as you have great details to it you can have a great comic. Now I love the dragon design that Katelyn created and would love to see it in action later in the comic.

Now remember, this comic is on the 2nd chapter right now; but I have no doubt that this comic will be really good! I say go and have a read of chapter 1 and parts of chapter 2.

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