Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wally's Comatose Review

Master Wolf here, bringing you another review from my good friend Wally and his comic Comatose!

So the story goes that an average teenager named Jack Phoenix finds himself why over his head with a force that is far from the human imaginations. I must say that the story itself is really interesting as well as the world he is in. although it starts out slow, it really does pick it up as you continue on; giving us an idea as to what is going on and how things work in the world. The characters themselves are really an amazing and have their unique personality, even some that could be easily identify with the readers. While the story itself can be serious at times, it still has the comical relief which is a good balance.

The artwork to this comic is something to mention on a whole different scale, the detailing that goes into each of the comic pages is really fantastic. It has a style of realism but takes advantage with the comical style when the moment calls for it. Each characters can be easily identify by their unique character designs and the environment around them feels alive as well.

Comatose is one of those comics that deserve to be read over and over again. The story itself is amazing as well as the characters themselves. With amazing artwork and story, Wally's Comatose is really a worthy comic that could even go up against the mainstream manga's.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zea Webb's A Black Crane Review

Master Wolf again, We'll be looking into another great comic from the creator/artist, Zea Webb and his comic, A Black Crane!

Right off the bat, I really love the cover to this comic. I really love the many type of birds with our three main characters (with one of them somehow ended up in a pelican's mouth... must have the short end of the stick.)

The plot for this comic follows three sisters, Cecily, Hayden, and Ada, who hate birds and finding themselves being attacked by them and by a mysterious figure. As the story continues, we get some really amazing character development from the sisters and even their ally, the Black Crane. Even though the story is short, it's still a comic worth reading and may give you a chuckle or two.

the artwork that goes into each page is really amazing, despite it being a black and white comic; it still have amazing details and uses it to it fullest. The birds look almost look as real and have great amounts of details to them, including the cutest of baby ducklings. The main characters themselves are really good and each one of the have their unique personality and development throughout the story.

Despite that it's a short comic, it still makes it up with it's amazing artwork and story to go with it. I will recommend this comic for anyone who loves short stories.

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EasyComics' Bio-Revelations Review

Master Wolf here! It's time to take another look at another comic, this time from the talented EasyComics! with her series, Bio-Revelation!

I must say that I am really like this comic just as much as Kura's Raven Wolf comic. The story itself is really interesting as it as it has a unique combinations with a well known story and civil rights movement.
So what's the story; it sets in a not so far future where cloning is legal, however that's when things starts to go wrong. It would seems there are fanatics who (for some reason) starts to segregate the Clones from the Humans calling themselves 'Friends of Humanity' (Though they are more like a somewhat Terrorist group because of what we see them do actually). We meet our hero, Trevor, who is a Watson clone fighting for equal rights with his brother and other clones in peaceful rallies in order to show they are living beings as well. During the even that would be leading towards a bill that would cause turmoil, Trevor begins to fall in love with a human girl named Eunice though she is going out with another boy named Jeremiah. If it doesn't hit you now this is a retelling of the famous story 'Romeo and Juliet'.
I must say this is really a interesting retelling of the classic story (but with a twist) adding the issues of civil rights, religion, corruption, theocracy, and many more. 
I would recommend this series a read. Though a word of warning, the series can get dark and mature as it is a retelling and a twist of Romeo and Juliet. Despite we all know what happen at the end of the classic story (if you haven't then read the book!) but however, this is completely different retelling and we have to wait and see how this will end.
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Kura's Raven Wolf Review

Hello Everyone! I am Master Wolf and I am here to bring you a review of a good friend of mine!

For my first review for the Blogger, We're taking a good look at a very good comic/novel from Kura; called 'Raven Wolf'.

There is one thing that I could really say up and front about this series, Epic!
Raven Wolf would be one that I recommand for anyone to read (both the Novel and Comic). Since the series is still on going (The Novel and the Comic) I won't spoil much, However I will say that it follows several characters and the growing situation that may threaten not only those around them, but the entire planet.
As the novel is really great when it comes to explaining what is going on and sets up really good character development; While in the comic, the visuals are amazing and artwork that goes into each page are amazing as well. Both Novel and Comic have their own unique standard which is really cool, like one is telling a story differently than the other.
Each character in Raven Wolf has their own personalilty that the readers could relate too. Like for example, Teddy Conner; A Wild living in the city who at first is embarass about his family culture, but as the story continues he realize that he should embrace his culture rather than trying to push it away in order to fit in. I don't have a favorite character because I like all the character in Raven Wolf since each character have their own unique personalilty.
If your the one looking for a good comic/novel that has anthros, sci-fi, and fantasy; give both a read and I promise that you will love this amazing series.

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