Sunday, July 28, 2013

EasyComics' Bio-Revelations Review

Master Wolf here! It's time to take another look at another comic, this time from the talented EasyComics! with her series, Bio-Revelation!

I must say that I am really like this comic just as much as Kura's Raven Wolf comic. The story itself is really interesting as it as it has a unique combinations with a well known story and civil rights movement.
So what's the story; it sets in a not so far future where cloning is legal, however that's when things starts to go wrong. It would seems there are fanatics who (for some reason) starts to segregate the Clones from the Humans calling themselves 'Friends of Humanity' (Though they are more like a somewhat Terrorist group because of what we see them do actually). We meet our hero, Trevor, who is a Watson clone fighting for equal rights with his brother and other clones in peaceful rallies in order to show they are living beings as well. During the even that would be leading towards a bill that would cause turmoil, Trevor begins to fall in love with a human girl named Eunice though she is going out with another boy named Jeremiah. If it doesn't hit you now this is a retelling of the famous story 'Romeo and Juliet'.
I must say this is really a interesting retelling of the classic story (but with a twist) adding the issues of civil rights, religion, corruption, theocracy, and many more. 
I would recommend this series a read. Though a word of warning, the series can get dark and mature as it is a retelling and a twist of Romeo and Juliet. Despite we all know what happen at the end of the classic story (if you haven't then read the book!) but however, this is completely different retelling and we have to wait and see how this will end.
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