Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kura's Raven Wolf Review

Hello Everyone! I am Master Wolf and I am here to bring you a review of a good friend of mine!

For my first review for the Blogger, We're taking a good look at a very good comic/novel from Kura; called 'Raven Wolf'.

There is one thing that I could really say up and front about this series, Epic!
Raven Wolf would be one that I recommand for anyone to read (both the Novel and Comic). Since the series is still on going (The Novel and the Comic) I won't spoil much, However I will say that it follows several characters and the growing situation that may threaten not only those around them, but the entire planet.
As the novel is really great when it comes to explaining what is going on and sets up really good character development; While in the comic, the visuals are amazing and artwork that goes into each page are amazing as well. Both Novel and Comic have their own unique standard which is really cool, like one is telling a story differently than the other.
Each character in Raven Wolf has their own personalilty that the readers could relate too. Like for example, Teddy Conner; A Wild living in the city who at first is embarass about his family culture, but as the story continues he realize that he should embrace his culture rather than trying to push it away in order to fit in. I don't have a favorite character because I like all the character in Raven Wolf since each character have their own unique personalilty.
If your the one looking for a good comic/novel that has anthros, sci-fi, and fantasy; give both a read and I promise that you will love this amazing series.

You can find her amazing works on these following links!

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