Sunday, December 28, 2014

Re: Easy's Bio-Revelation Review

Master Wolf here! So all of you may have remember my previous review of Easy's comic 'Bio-Revelation'. Well since she is redoing the series, I decided to redo my review on it and see what have change and see if its for the best. So lets take a look at 'Bio-Revelation' redo by Easy!

So what is different in this redo? how about the beginning where we get a rather interesting news report about a situation (this serve as an interesting setup to what is about to come, but doesn't go into too much detail about it) We then go back before the situation to see a rather grim reminder of the 1960's where segregation was at its worst, however like before Easy tackle the topic about cloning and the way we respond to it... also one can spot a sign of a lab selling... clones... okay forget the 1960's reference, this is pre-Civil War era mix with the 1960's era! My god, I can't imagine how the United Nations will react to this... anyway, getting off track.

This redo does things way different as we get to see more back story to the Watson Brothers and Jer's struggle to trying to balance his own life and being with the (extremely racist) Friends of Humanity (or rather Enemy of Humanity), trust me; you'll see why I said in my previous review they are more of a terrorist group with the amount of things they get away with. (then again, that what's happen when you have PMC's to be your main police force... which is a stupid move.)

Not only we get a back story to the Watson Brothers, but we do get a back story to Lance; who (I am totally shock about) was a former member of... you know what, I don't want to spoil it, so I will let you readers see what I am talking about.

Dmitri is still an asshole and a bad guy with what I can gather a secret agenda giving what he does in the comic, which means we have are official antagonist with perhaps a motive. Also it would seems that there is a riff slowly growing with the F.O.H. from one part of the comic of the ethics of their treatments.

So far, the Redo is worth a read and does things a lot better that the original hasn't touched on. I praised Easy for doing this redo as it brings much more emotions and leave the readers to wonder what will happen next in the series. Here's to Easy to continue such a great work!

Re: Bio-Revelation Verdict: 5/5

My Thoughts on Inkblazers Shutting Down

Master Wolf here! So some of you may have notices this already, but to others who don't is that Inkblazers (or MangaMagazine) a comic/manga sharing website is shutting down next year due to money issues. So my response to the whole thing is 'meh'

Now before anyone bash me for my response (I know some friends who are comic artists and was using this site for almost everything), here is the reason why I went 'meh' at the news of the website shutting down; it wasn't really that good of a website.

So why do I think that InkBlazers/MangaMagazine isn't that great to begin with? Well lets get started on the way the website is laid out; which is bad in my opinion.

DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and other websites I am apart of have user friendly layouts that users can use with ease, from search engines to dashboards. Inkblazers on the other hand has a complicated layout that sometimes doesn't even work that great at all. The only friendly layout that does work was the bookshelf that will let you know which comic has be updated with a new page, but that is just the only good thing it has. You can delete past comments on your dashboards nor clean up unwanted junk that plagues your dashboards. Sure you can select which type of messages you want to see, but that should not be the case. So that is one thing I have a problem with and from hearing others I talked about this, I am not the only one.

The second one is the way it was managed. From the Email I have received from a friend of mine explaining why the site is closing, which brings a lot of questionable things that have been made before the announcement. One of this questionable move was the whole 'Preview Program' while the idea is really great, pays comic artists for every page they release, it does have a lot of flaws; even with the tight on budget as the email said. So why would you put something like 'Preview Program' when you don't have the money? Like my father have said, 'Don't spend when you don't have the money to spend with.' a logical saying, but it seems that the owner didn't think it thought. Another thing I notice in the Email is that the owner didn't even thought about using ads or other advertising to get more people to come and read, but it would seem those advise had fallen on deaf ears and that is why the website is shutting down, because the owner seem to have little care for it.

While the website does help raising comic artists to get notice, there are better comic sharing sites out there that does the concept better that InkBlazers has fallen short on. Its surprising seeing my friends panic when they first heard the news then suddenly calm down when they found other sites or have already accounts on those sites yet never used it until now. So is this the end of the artists on InkBlazers? No.

They have already found other websites even created a group to keep in touch with each other. So it's not the end, it's just a beginning of something better.

I'm Master Wolf, and I will be seeing you later!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Editorial: Is everything really Obama's fault?

Master Wolf here! Time for another Editorial and this one... I might get some flak but it is the damn truth people!

So the question for today is... is everything really Obama's fault. The answer is... *drumroll* ... no.

Before everyone go blasting on to the comments and yelling about how I am sooooo wrong, I want to go over Government 101 for newbies first; so that we are all clear about how the government works...

#1: Congress has the most power.
You might be wondering 'why does Congress have the most power?' because they are the lawmakers and budget makers, as well as determined if the law should be revisited or be taken down. In truth, from what my family has heard several Congress members in the southwest states about 'sending Obama the Bill!'... wouldn't it be more of 'We're sending the bill to ourselves!'... kinda hypocritical there... Also the President can suggest to Congress on what topic needs to be look at... and that's it.... So before anyone go blame Obama, how about you blame Congress first.

#2: Presidents can only Suggest topic, sign bills, or veto bills.
Once a bill passes both House and Senate, it is up to the President to see if he/she likes what he/she sees and signs it, or if there was something he/she doesn't like then he/she can Veto it and send it back to Congress. the President can also suggest Congress about a topic or what he would like to see, but once that's down... then its up to Congress to decide whether or not go deep into the topic. So basically... the President is only there to sign bills into laws or veto them.

#3: Congress has the most say on every matter
When a situation occurs, The President can't do anything without the backing of Congress to see if they are for it or against it. So then with the current situation that is happening now, Congress is the one to blame. Why you may ask? because they were the ones that won't allow a certain amount of money needed for Border Patrol or Federal Judges needed to handle this situation. Reason is simple, Congress has the power to approve or disapprove anything that comes their way... so in short... BLAME CONGRESS FOR NOT DOING THEIR %$#@ING JOB!!!

*clears throat* sorry, so now that we know how Government in the US works... the real question is, who's at fault the most? The answer is so clear, that you don't need anything to see it. Congress is the ones that isn't doing the job we sent them to do. So why are Congress (most of them) blaming Obama... Well... there is one reason that I could think of that makes so much sense... but also a scary fact... most of congress Congress are Racist.

Now I know this is a huge jumping of the shark, but... once you read and hear stories where most of Congress blames Obama, as well as looking back at pass presidents... then its a huge scary fact. Now how can the situation we're in be fixed? well first thing is Congress needs to get their heads out of their asses. Some members of Congress are actually doing their jumps and what to deal with the situation, however you have most people Congress who want to do nothing and just collect their huge paychecks in the end of their terms. They also want to whine and complain that nothing is getting done when in reality, they are the ones that haven't done anything.

Like Obama said at the rally, 'I am doing my job, it's congress that needs to do theirs.' which is so much fact that even our pass presidents would totally agree with him. People, we need to change this; we need to let Congress know that they need to suck it up and get back to work. If not, then this might lead us down the road of the beginning of the end.

I'm Master Wolf, and I will see you on the next post!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Are Gamer's taking things too far?

Master Wolf here! So I was at work, doing what I do best which is fixing cars, when all of a sudden a question pop in my head and I have been witnessing this for quite some time... are gamers taking things too far?

Well in my honest opinion... yes, they are taking things too far...

First examples of this is the bashing of Dice's Battlefield 4 game. Sure, it have it's problem on launch... but so did Battlefield 3... and many other games... you can't expect every single game to be handed to you on a golden platter! I mean, my god, give the developers time and don't say that it's all EA's fault because of (insert bullshit about EA here). Well you know something, I have no trouble with EA and I think you all need to CHILL!!!

second is when talking to people about certain types of games, like the upcoming Battlefield Hardline, some people seem to hate it right off the bat... um hello? shouldn't you 'try out' the game before you make up your mind?! I mean, what happen to 'trying it out and see if you like it or not' I swear to god, if people are only going to base their opinions on snippets and teasers... then I feel really bad for the gaming society...

Edit: This is what my sister said;
I would like to play as another lady assassin, but in all honesty people are complaining too late. They should've started complaining when we got word that the lead was going to be male.

the third issue is the whole bullshit complains about one company's decision or so... like recently with Ubisoft that gamers are throwing a fit about... like my sister said, she doesn't care if you play as a female are not; just as long as the game is fun to play... so for every gamer complaining; QUIT IT! NO ONE WANT TO HERE YOU COMPLAIN LIKE A BUNCH OF TODDLERS?!

there are plenty more I have examples of gamers taking everything too far... but that would take long. So with the examples/issues that I have presented... it would seem as if the gaming community may be showing its ugly side when it comes to 'diehard' gamers and their games. It's just a game that is meant for entertainment and to make friends from around the world, but with issues like theses, I am sad to say that it may have a nasty and possible worst outcomes that is yet to be seen.

That's all I have to say and I will be seeing you on the Battlefield!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Furocity, the Furry Rock Radio

Master Wolf here! And I will come clean with this, but I am a furry. I mean you can already tell with the pictures I have up on Deviantart and Furaffinity, but as I was explore around FA; I came upon a radio station that is for furries, this is Furocity Radio!

So what is Furocity Radio? Well it's a radio show that is the only furry rock station on the net and it really is! They have a wide range of song that can be requested to play on the air and it can be from any era. The cast that host Furocity (DJ Cody, DJ Foxxy, and more) are really nice and you can even chat with them as well talk about anything. I must say, compare to big time radio station like Q105, Roxy, and others, Furocity Radio feel connected to the listeners and will have a fun time chatting with the DJ on Skype.

So go check out Furocity Radio! You will have the time of your lives listening to this station!

Can Call of Duty Recover?

Master Wolf here! So we all know that with E3 coming up, we are seeing a lot of reveal titles before the big gaming convention that is held yearly. However, one game title might be having trouble recovering from its last game that was release last year and perhaps have a good question to go with it; Can Call of Duty Recover?

From my previous review, I basically stated that Call of Duty Ghost was the worst game I had ever played and I still stand by that fact. So the question I have is simple, can the series recover from it's black sheep game?

That question is still yet to be answer, even though the announcement and trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare came out. However, despite a new turn with a new developer coming into the picture; it still have yet to win the interest of me. One thing I will say that properly be the best answer to everything is kick Infinity Ward out of the series as from what I gather from many Youtube posts and indie reviews have said, which I will agree with them about having Infinity Ward be removed and replace with SledgeHammer.

I want to know what is your opinion, can the series ever recover from the failure that is Ghost? Leave a comment and lets see what you have to say about it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Connection is Power

Master Wolf here! So what happens when you have the ability to hack into anything, prevent crimes, and become either a vigilante among civilians or a total jackass. This is Watch_Dogs!

Watch_Dogs follows the Aiden Pearce, The Vigilante, as he tries to solve who place a hit on him and his family in the city of Chicago after his 6 year old niece dies. As you play though the story of the game, you can be able to go around the city of Chicago to see the many sites of the famous city and stop crimes and protect the city from gangs and corrupt officials.

Your main weapon in the entire game in hacking, which will prove very handy in many situations that you will come across as you progress. You can spy using the cameras around you, create distraction, set off traps, or create cover. There is also car chases, in which you're hacking abilities will be use to it['s fullest to either stop the bad guys or to get away from the cops.

With many weapons, cars, clothing, gadgets and ways to hack to choose from. You will be choosing which play style you want to do, go in quietly or guns blazing. Like Crysis, there is many ways to play the game that playing through once isn't enough. However, there are many mini-missions and points of interest to see in the game that starting over once the game ends isn't the option.

Watch_Dogs, I will go ahead and say this, deserve the Game of the Year title as it have many things to offer to anyone. Whoever came up with the idea for this game, I want to give him a handshake and a 'you are an amazing person ever' giant cake.

Watch_Dogs: 5/5

Standby for Titanfall

Master Wolf here! So what do you get when you mix Mechs, Parkour, Shooter, Robots, Futuristic settings, and many ways to move through the maps... you get one of the most impressive games to be release. Believe the hype people, cause this is Titanfall!

So this game is a Multiplayer only game, which means there is no single player, but it does make it up later on as you play it. As normal, there is a campaign you play through to unlock two Titan chassis which you need to play both sides starting with the Militia then the IMC (the two factions in the game). Now the story is just the side thing as once again, it's a MP only game, but does have a lot of fun to it.

now when it was announce, some were complaining about it being 6v6, but I can see why it's 6v6... cause there is so much stuff going on that going over 12 players would crash the entire game. plus, I feel 6v6 is a perfect match with the amount of chaos going on in the game.

as the title suggest, the main feature of this game are the Titans, your mech that you can call in and either manually pilot it or have the AI take control of it and follows you around the map. The Titans can carry one primary which ranges from cannons to railguns as well as ordinance that you can equip it to give an edge when going against enemy titans.

So I believe the hype that this is a great game! a mix of many things rolled into one hell of a fun time. Recommend playing with friends for the maximum entertainment that is Titanfall!

Titanfall: 5/5

My Thoughts on Battlefield Hardline

Master Wolf here! its time for my thoughts on the current reveal title for the Battlefield series, this time instead of soldiers, it will be focusing on law enforcement. This is Battlefield Hardline!

So right off the bat, I notice that some people were bashing this latest title, but the people I have talk to are excited for it. So what is it that Hardline is doing that is much different than the previous titles that most people are liking it?

well it have to do with the concept of the entire game, which is a Cops vs. Thieves game. Most of your BF titles have Military vs. Military but never went into law enforcements as it could be consider another type of battlefield. From the leak trailer under the project name 'Omaha', it reveals several things about Hardline and what to expect from it.

Now from the news I have collect, the game will be made by Visceral Games (Campaign) and DICE (Multiplayer), but with DICE making Battlefront I would not be surprise if Visceral Games did this. However, I think this is a good idea as it divide the workload evenly and have less chance of screw ups.

I think Battlefield Hardline will be a good game to see and that people should not be quick to judge until more about it is release. With E3 coming up, we could expect to hear more about Hardline shortly and when the game will be release. Until then, we just have to be patient... oh screw it;


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What People might not know about BF4

Master Wolf Here! Today we will be looking into Battlefield 4; but however, there is something that you might not realize about this... and this will cause some heads spinning. Now without further adieu, here is what you may not know.

So we all know about BF4 and the problems that plagues it right? Well here's a thing... this wasn't made in Sweden... oh no, this was made in LA... by the people from the former developers of Medal of Honor Warfighter... let that sink in.

DICE LA was originally Danger Close who's closed its door after Medal of Honor Warfighter, DICE bought it and made it into DICE LA so that they distribute the work evenly. It would answers why most of the weapons we see in BF4 look similar to the ones in MOH:WF like the Shorty shotgun and the campaign.

I have a conversation about this with fellow Youtuber and Battlefield player IceManAuz and he agrees with me about what we are seeing in BF4 and that perhaps this is the first and the last time that DICE LA will be making a Battlefield title and that the BF title will be going back to DICE Sweden and staying there. With DICE going to be making Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge 2, I think that DICE LA will be given those games to develop while DICE Sweden will focus more on their trademark Battlefield games.

so what do you think about this information? Please leave a comment and I'll be sure to answer them all. Till then, I'll see you later!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top 5 'Let It Go' Best Cover

Master Wolf here! Today I am doing my first Top 5 list and what better way to start off this Top 5 list then doing the best cover from Disney 'Frozen' most famous song, 'Let It Go'. So put on something warm, grab earphones, prepare yourself for what I consider to be my Top 5 'Let It Go' cover.

#5: Jun Sung Ann Violin
I must say, from listening to this cover, I am really like how talented this guy really is! He should be up there with Lindsey. I like how he have the original instrumental score in the background which actually blends nicely with the Violin. I might jump a bit when he started playing the violin, but soon I immediately began to like his cover of 'Let It Go'

#4: Jimmy Fallon's Classroom Instrument cover
Okay okay, I know... Idena Menzel that did the actual song is with Jimmy and The Roots. However, this is still consider a cover since they are using Classroom Instruments. Now, the reason why I put this at #4 is that I love that you can use the simple of things to preform a really good musical number as seen in the video. Plus what I like about this video is that it really puts fun into it as it is clear from the faces, they are having a great time performing the song. Plus, I really enjoy listening to this and that is why its my #4

#3: Piano Guys
Now this is very unique as not only they did a cover to 'Let It Go' but combine it with 'Vivaldi's Winter' and thus, bring a wonderful music that is sure to be a sensation as the original. Piano Guys have done a lot of cover of well known music and making them (in my opinion) 100% better than the original or performing timeless classic like Charlie Brown Melody. Whatever the case, Piano Guys sure know how to make known songs and make them beautiful to listen to.

#2: Brain Hull Disney and Pixar mass up
Now this guy... needs to be hired by Disney. He did the cover of 'Let It Go' but in well known Disney and Pixar characters voices, and nailing it. This is surely a great surprise that I have recently discovered and no doubt he did bring the original magic to this song and I must say, if he puts it up on Google Play or Itunes; I will surely buy it in a heartbeat! Brain Hull, you have an amazing talent and keep doing what you do best!

and now, the #1 Best 'Let It Go' Cover goes to...

Alex Boyé, Lexi Walker, and One Voice Children's Choir

This cover is really amazing as it adds a nice African beat to it and the cast that did this is really talented, plus children in this cover are really talented. I really love how this takes the song, giving it a different beat, and turning a popular song into an incredible music that is done by children! The location of this cover *like the Piano Guys* is really fantastic and makes you feel like you're in the movie.

So there you have it, my Top 5 Best 'Let It Go' Covers. I hope you like the list and if you want to see more Top lists, leave a comment and a suggestion of what should I do next. Till next time, I'll see you all later.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The ultimate strategy game (a R.U.S.E. review)

Master Wolf here! The game I be reviewing today, has to be one of my all time favorite RTS game that I have ever played (and get 3 other games to boot during a sale on Steam). It really does have you be the master of deception when it comes to fighting your enemy. I am talking about R.U.S.E.

This Real Time Strategy game takes RTS to a whole new level with high tense battles and amazing detail to the maps. The game main strength is through RUSE, which range from decrypting enemy orders to camo your base from enemy view. Not only you can listen in or see what your enemy would do, you can also send in Decoy units to a sector to make the enemy believe you are assaulting them in that area while you flank the enemy.

The game follows Major Sheridan from North Africa to Germany fighting against the Nazi's and the spy codenamed 'Promethius' who is giving intel to the Nazi's about the Allies plans and orders. Now I won't go spoil the ending because this is an RTS game that you have to own! I really do love the idea of using Deception to confuse your enemy. The one thing that I will say is that it will take time to learn about each of the RUSE's you have available to you and what it will do as well as how long the RUSE will be active.

Other than that, I must say that this game is truly an amazing find and I will be happy to play it many time over. I can't wait to see if Ubisoft will continue this, as this is my new all time favorite RTS game alongside with Company of Heroes.

Final Verdict: 5/5

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Battlefield 4 should have a second chance (Editorial)

Master Wolf here! Today's Editorial will be focusing Battlefield 4 and why should it get a second chance. Trust me, this is worth the read people.

Battlefield 4 has to be, by far, the best Battlefield game that has come out. It offers more than what other BF titles have and compared to the fail that is CoD: Ghost, BF4 is the game that is worth your money. I am aware of the issues that the game has... but really... not all games will be picture perfect at launch, but at least we can still play it and have fun with it, right?

Well, not really. You see, some people do play it just for fun; and that's totally fine. However, you'll have those people who just aren't satisfied with anything and would like to sue or just complain about the nonsense that is the so-called 'net-code'. I really don't care, cause I play the game for fun and that's it.

Despite the problems BF4 has (as well as a stupid lawsuit) the game will rebound. Just look at BF3.

That game has problems at launch and sometimes isn't playable because of it. But look what happen, the game rebounded and soon became the most popular game and even blowing away CoD:MW3.

So, rather than bitch and complain like 5 year olds; we need to let the developers at DICE to have a chance to fix the things that are needed to be fixing. Hell give them a break, they are trying to please their fans by fixing the problems that are brought up to attention by gamers (who don't bitch and complain, by reasonably points the problem out in a gracious and professional matter.) I think that BF4 does have a chance to rebound and like IGN had said before;

"Battlefield 4 and Frostbite 3 puts Call of Duty Ghost to shame" -IGN

and they couldn't be more right about that.

I'm Master Wolf, and I'll be seeing you on the Battlefield.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Look: New Star Wars MMOCFS game

Master Wolf here! Today, is a special first look at a closed beta of a upcoming MMO Combat Flight Simulator that is being release by none other than Disney. The game is known as Star Wars Assault Squadron.

With Disney know have the rights to Star Wars, and giving EA the contract to develop Star Wars games between Bioware, DICE, and the makers of Dead Space, it seem clear that there should be a Star Wars Combat Flight Sims that is Free to Play. Enter Star Wars Assault Squadron, letting you fly your favorite Star Wars fighters and dogfight other players in the Star Wars universe.

At this very moment, it's in Closed Beta stage and so far; it looks really promising. Unlike other MMOCFS games (like War Thunder) Assault Squadron is you and your team against other players in many different Star Wars fighters (like piloting the X-Wing to Boba Fetts Slave I). however for the closed beta, you have a X-Wing, a Y-Wing, and a TIE Interceptor to start with. All three of them have their own unique trademark like the X-Wing is a all purpose fighter and the Y-Wing can hold more missiles and torpedoes.

The controls for the game can be tricky at first, however once you get used to it; you'll be Top Ace against other players. The HUD is also not that bad as it tells you where your allies are and where the enemies close by are, including letting you know that a missile is inbound to you.

As a First Look, this MMOCFS looks really promising as it capture the feel of an older game called Rogue Squadron. Here's hoping that Star Wars Assault Squadron will be a great game that involves the fighters of the Star Wars universe.

Final Verdict: Until Release

Friday, January 3, 2014

Guns + Loot = FUN! (Borderlands 2 Review)

WARNING: The following review will contain a lot of Gun Porn and other things that may consider to be huge amounts of fun. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Master Wolf here! Happy New Years (late) and today we will be looking at the game that I consider to be the best game money can buy. Combining a large number of things everyone loves! I am talking about the one and only, BORDERLANDS! (Borderlands 2 to be corrected)

So what's the background to this epic game that I have been playing. Well to start, this follows the events of the first Borderlands 5 years after the Vault was open. Everything you knew about Pandora (No! Not the one with the blue cat people... besides I would rather be on Borderlands Pandora than the movie's version of it...) has changed when the villain, named Handsome Jack, took over Pandora and mines an element known as Eridium for a plan that in which involve the Vault Key and a creature with unlimited powers. 4 new Vault Hunters arrived and soon get to work in stopping Jack *Who I consider to be a huge asshole and issue person* before he wakes up the creature. The story for this... omg I can't get enough of it. this is something that I am dying to have in the first Borderlands and they nailed it. 

So the four vault hunters that you can play as are the following;

Axton the Commando: Personally my favorite character to play as since he have the turret and kickass skill tree that i can either have two turrets out or slap on two MGs and a rocket pod! How cool is that!

Maya the Siren: Another Siren character, but unlike Lilith who's Siren ability is Phasewalk, Maya's ability is Phaselock, which is very useful to stop a badass in it's tracks and holds them in midair so you and your friends and shoot at him with ease.

Zer0 the Assassin: A sniper and a kickass Assassin. Nothing is known about Zero except that he speaks in Haiku which might I say... is epic.

Salvador the Gunzerker: The new class to Borderlands as you can duel wield guns and take little damage... if you have two rocket launchers that are really powerful... then I would suggest that you BLOW EVERYTHING UP IN YOUR PATH! seriously this class I might like compare to Brick who use his fists.

Borderlands won't be complete with the huge numbers of guns that you can have in the game. I mean... a lot... as in 5x over a billion guns... and with so many guns to choose from, you don't know what you want to keep or to sell (sell the white ones, I prefer to keep the greens-aqua guns). 

With great characters, awesome missions, funny moments, and HUGE numbers of guns. It's no wonder that Borderlands 2 is the Game of the Year... maybe the entire decade...

Final Verdict:
10/5 (it's that epic)