Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Thoughts on Inkblazers Shutting Down

Master Wolf here! So some of you may have notices this already, but to others who don't is that Inkblazers (or MangaMagazine) a comic/manga sharing website is shutting down next year due to money issues. So my response to the whole thing is 'meh'

Now before anyone bash me for my response (I know some friends who are comic artists and was using this site for almost everything), here is the reason why I went 'meh' at the news of the website shutting down; it wasn't really that good of a website.

So why do I think that InkBlazers/MangaMagazine isn't that great to begin with? Well lets get started on the way the website is laid out; which is bad in my opinion.

DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and other websites I am apart of have user friendly layouts that users can use with ease, from search engines to dashboards. Inkblazers on the other hand has a complicated layout that sometimes doesn't even work that great at all. The only friendly layout that does work was the bookshelf that will let you know which comic has be updated with a new page, but that is just the only good thing it has. You can delete past comments on your dashboards nor clean up unwanted junk that plagues your dashboards. Sure you can select which type of messages you want to see, but that should not be the case. So that is one thing I have a problem with and from hearing others I talked about this, I am not the only one.

The second one is the way it was managed. From the Email I have received from a friend of mine explaining why the site is closing, which brings a lot of questionable things that have been made before the announcement. One of this questionable move was the whole 'Preview Program' while the idea is really great, pays comic artists for every page they release, it does have a lot of flaws; even with the tight on budget as the email said. So why would you put something like 'Preview Program' when you don't have the money? Like my father have said, 'Don't spend when you don't have the money to spend with.' a logical saying, but it seems that the owner didn't think it thought. Another thing I notice in the Email is that the owner didn't even thought about using ads or other advertising to get more people to come and read, but it would seem those advise had fallen on deaf ears and that is why the website is shutting down, because the owner seem to have little care for it.

While the website does help raising comic artists to get notice, there are better comic sharing sites out there that does the concept better that InkBlazers has fallen short on. Its surprising seeing my friends panic when they first heard the news then suddenly calm down when they found other sites or have already accounts on those sites yet never used it until now. So is this the end of the artists on InkBlazers? No.

They have already found other websites even created a group to keep in touch with each other. So it's not the end, it's just a beginning of something better.

I'm Master Wolf, and I will be seeing you later!