Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to Tier 1 (A Medal of Honor Warfighter Review)

Master Wolf here! Well it's time we look at a game and one that I really love from the first game I picked up all the war to the recent game in the line up. The series I am talking about is Medal of Honor, a game that is really great from the World War 2 games (Frontlines, Rising Sun, Airborne, Vanguard, and many more) to their modern day games (MoH 2010) and the game that I will be reviewing. Welcome to Medal of Honor: Warfighter!

The game itself continues from Medal of Honor 2010 where we follow Preacher, Mother, and Voodoo on their missions to stop threats from around the world and to stop a terrorist group that is planning something big. It not only dives into the life of a Special Forces member, but also the relationship of the family and the effects it has on them. The graphics is really amazing capturing the details of the characters and the surroundings of the places that we are in; not to mention capturing the emotions of the characters depending on the moment they are in.

I like how the single player campaign ties in well with Medal of Honor 2010 and having characters we all know so well making a comeback in Warfighter. The storytelling to Warfighter is amazing and I really love that it dives in deeper with the Special Forces from not only the US, but from around the world (I.E. Polish GROM forces). To them, they are brothers in arms and they look out for eachother because they all fight for the same reason; to stop those that threaten their country.

Now lets go into Multiplayer:

In Multiplayer, there are 12 groups to choose from and here is the following groups;

Canadian JTF2
British SAS
Norwegian FSK/HJK
Swedish SOG
German KSK
South Korean UDT/SEAL
Polish GROM
Australian SASR

from them you get choose what country you want to represent and play against others to earn tokens to see who is the best Warfighter Nation. The maps themselves are really good and offer many flanking, sniping, choke points, and open areas to fight in. There is also a buddy system which means that you and your buddy have each others back and support one another by playing as a fireteam. I play rounds and found out that if you are with your buddy then you will find yourself at the top when you and your buddy fight and back up each other throughout the match. 

There are 6 classes to choose from (Sniper, Assault, Demolition, Heavy Gunner, Pointman, and Spec Op.) and each class as their own weapons for that class. As well as the weapons, the equipment each one has are unique for that class; one might have grenade launcher, the other has ballistic armor, and so on. There are tons of customization that one could spend hours picking the right one to fight that player's gameplay experience. 

Overall, I love Warfighter and love Medal of Honor. This is a game that goes really well with Battlefield and its a perfect companion to it. I do hope to see more Medal of Honor in the future because this series is really amazing and always dedicate the game to the men and women who serves in the military.

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Hewy's Mythology Review

Master Wolf here! So we all know about the Myths from many different cultures and race depending on what part of the planet you're on. Many ranging from Greek to Native American with each their own unique ways of viewing life itself. Now what happens when you go on a journey and meet all of the mythical creatures, gods, and spirits? You get Hewy's 'Mythology' series.

The story follows Bluarathes (aka Blue), along with his friend Leon, an inventor, and Andrea, an Equitaur with a secret. They are on a journey to find pieces of a sacred relic to prevent an evil that is far more powerful than the Greek Gods themselves from being release. On their journey, they meet several mythical creatures, gods, and many more as they venture across the world in their search for the relics.

Story wise, this is a really interesting series that Hewy has created alongside his other series like 'Digimon Heroes'. the character designs for the creatures and gods are very unique and are not like the ones that they were portray in the past media. The main characters themselves are really good too; each of the three heroes both have something that are relatable to the reader and are very likable.

Mythology feels like a great way to get you interested in the subject. If it finds it why to become a comic or a youtube series at best, I would no doubt give it a shoot and perhaps maybe be a popular series. So here's to Mythology for its great setup, amazing cast, and a wonderful journey that readers would want to see more off.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fixer's Shapeshifter: A tale yet untold Review

Master Wolf here! Well after my last review, I have been busy as of late; but that's what you get when you trying to find a job, help around the house, and working on other personal projects. However, its time for me to get back on the review bandwagon and go for another comic. So lets dive right into Fixer's 'Shapeshifter:A Tale Yet Untold'

So our story starts of explain what happen in the year 1999. (Something tells me this was based on the Y2K). Actually this takes the Y2K and puts it to shame... apparently 5 planets appeared out of nowhere and thus been called the Chaos Formation. the five planets align and fired what I believe to be a beam of light and sent it towards earth after taking quarter of the moon off (already what... 4 pages in and shit already hit fan...). Rather than the light (after what it did to the moon) destroying Earth, instead it release chaos and Pandemonium across the planet leaving death and destruction on the humans. (yup... shit hit fan hard). However one human (followed later by other humans) stand up and confront the chaos and destroy them, which later fueled the courage to other humans to join and fight which they would be called Endorei.

I must say that the comic itself is really interesting, that it does have a good backstory so we could understand what happen and what could we see in the future.

The artstyle itself... I can't get the feeling that some of the style was from Bleach... but then again it's me. However, the characters themselves are identifiable and has their own unique style for them.

Overall, its a good comic to read. although the comic isn't quite my cup of tea; it still gets me interested in what will happen next in the story. Go for a read and you won't be disappointed.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Kura's SCaibot - Bishonen Warriors Review (sorta)

Master Wolf here! Well its no surprise that Kura has really amazing comics and artwork with original characters and story (or some really great fanart). However, she started another comic that I must say I am liking it so far. This comic that Kura has created is called 'SCaibot - Bishonen Warriors'

Now this won't be a full review, however I will be doing my first impression on the comic and give my thoughts on how well this comic holds up compare to the others that Kura is working on. So on with the (sorta) Review!

So the story is very interesting and that its not that far fetch from today. basically the story is about robots and androids doing jobs that humans either can't do or don't want to do. I must say when it comes to androids and robots, the creativity of designing what one will look like in the future really are amazing to see in this comic. We soon learn that there are also those that are build for combat only (no not military purpose, but entertainment purpose) to fight one another in a tournament for human entertainment. I would say that this reminds me of a show called Battlebots... but from what we here may as well put Battlebots to shame (sorry Battlebots.)

Anyway, the story itself is very interesting and the way it introduce us to the world of SCaibots is really unique. I really like the comic as much as I enjoy reading Raven Wolf. Since the art style is a lineart style of comic (sorta like black and white) it really does make my mind think of what the world would be like in color.

So overall, the comic itself is worth the watch. It only gets better from here on out and maybe when the first few chapters are done I can do a full review of it. However, First Impressions of it; I really enjoy reading this comic (from a guy who done 9 years of FIRST Robotics, this already gets my attention.) So go and read this comic, I promise that this won't disappoint you.

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(pending until full review)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Story review

Master Wolf here! Well this one is a collab comic between several artists in a series called 'Story'

Now with the art style changing from page to page that plot it self is funny at best with references or just original ideas (Fluffy Cute Spiders for the win!) The plot itself seems to be loose at best, but despite the loose plot it still keeps it going with interesting a funny ideas. The characters are all original from the artists that are taking part of the collab which is always fun to see who they all react to eachother.

I must say that this is really good to read just for laughs and to see what else the artists have to offer with each page having something to offer and the humor never ends. So if you want to have a fun comic but not worry about the plot, then this is the comic for you!

You can find 'Story' here on MangaMagazine:

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Novil's Sandra and Woo Review

Master Wolf here! so what happen when a little girl adopts a raccoon who can talk? You get one heck of an adventure between the two in Sandra and Woo.

So Sandra and Woo is a webcomic that follows Sandra and Woo the raccoon on their many adventures together. while there is no clear plot from what I gather, however it does make it up in the situations that our two characters comes across with funny moments for each of the situation. However, as I read through the comic, I realize that what it was going for was what growing up means for Sandra and her best friends in middle school. I find this really good and quite heart warming. We all know what are childhood is like and sometimes don't want to grow up, but we soon realize that there are times where we have to grow up and step into a world that is different than what we think. 'Sandra and Woo' really does a good job portraying this, but in a more hilarious matter.

The art style is really good too, really capture the feel of not only the environment but the characters as well. I do like the idea of having a raccoon being the main character companion which is good idea and have some good humor for it.

With a good coming of age story and great characters, I find this is be a good webcomic to go read and see what else it have to offer. So go and have a read!

you can find 'Sandra and Woo' as well as Novil's other works by clicking on the following links


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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mullana's Sugarland InFUSION Review

Master Wolf here! So here's a thought for you, what happens when a world of cute and lovable creatures all of a sudden collides with the world of reality. what you get is an adventure of a lifetime and lots of cute and innocent wonders. This is Sugarland InFUSION.

The story follows Hasi and Fwuff who happens to find themselves into the world of Reality after a fog rolled in and transported them from their world into our world. The entire idea of having characters from a cute and innocent world coming into the harsh reality of our world is a interesting idea all on its own. the characters themselves are really great too, seeing them exploring the world of reality while still retaining their innocents. Like I said earlier, it a really interesting story that execute it well.

The art style itself is like interesting one. Its not like any black and white comics I have seen before, but it uses the variants of black, grey, and white which is really great when it comes to detailing. the detailing it self is really amazing, giving each character, location, and building their own feel and design to them.

I have to say, Sugarland InFUSION is a comic that I really enjoy when it comes to cute characters in the world of reality. Give this a read and I'm sure you will have lots of fun reading it.

You can find Sugarland InFUSION and Mullana's other works by clicking on the following link:


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