Friday, June 27, 2014

Are Gamer's taking things too far?

Master Wolf here! So I was at work, doing what I do best which is fixing cars, when all of a sudden a question pop in my head and I have been witnessing this for quite some time... are gamers taking things too far?

Well in my honest opinion... yes, they are taking things too far...

First examples of this is the bashing of Dice's Battlefield 4 game. Sure, it have it's problem on launch... but so did Battlefield 3... and many other games... you can't expect every single game to be handed to you on a golden platter! I mean, my god, give the developers time and don't say that it's all EA's fault because of (insert bullshit about EA here). Well you know something, I have no trouble with EA and I think you all need to CHILL!!!

second is when talking to people about certain types of games, like the upcoming Battlefield Hardline, some people seem to hate it right off the bat... um hello? shouldn't you 'try out' the game before you make up your mind?! I mean, what happen to 'trying it out and see if you like it or not' I swear to god, if people are only going to base their opinions on snippets and teasers... then I feel really bad for the gaming society...

Edit: This is what my sister said;
I would like to play as another lady assassin, but in all honesty people are complaining too late. They should've started complaining when we got word that the lead was going to be male.

the third issue is the whole bullshit complains about one company's decision or so... like recently with Ubisoft that gamers are throwing a fit about... like my sister said, she doesn't care if you play as a female are not; just as long as the game is fun to play... so for every gamer complaining; QUIT IT! NO ONE WANT TO HERE YOU COMPLAIN LIKE A BUNCH OF TODDLERS?!

there are plenty more I have examples of gamers taking everything too far... but that would take long. So with the examples/issues that I have presented... it would seem as if the gaming community may be showing its ugly side when it comes to 'diehard' gamers and their games. It's just a game that is meant for entertainment and to make friends from around the world, but with issues like theses, I am sad to say that it may have a nasty and possible worst outcomes that is yet to be seen.

That's all I have to say and I will be seeing you on the Battlefield!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Furocity, the Furry Rock Radio

Master Wolf here! And I will come clean with this, but I am a furry. I mean you can already tell with the pictures I have up on Deviantart and Furaffinity, but as I was explore around FA; I came upon a radio station that is for furries, this is Furocity Radio!

So what is Furocity Radio? Well it's a radio show that is the only furry rock station on the net and it really is! They have a wide range of song that can be requested to play on the air and it can be from any era. The cast that host Furocity (DJ Cody, DJ Foxxy, and more) are really nice and you can even chat with them as well talk about anything. I must say, compare to big time radio station like Q105, Roxy, and others, Furocity Radio feel connected to the listeners and will have a fun time chatting with the DJ on Skype.

So go check out Furocity Radio! You will have the time of your lives listening to this station!

Can Call of Duty Recover?

Master Wolf here! So we all know that with E3 coming up, we are seeing a lot of reveal titles before the big gaming convention that is held yearly. However, one game title might be having trouble recovering from its last game that was release last year and perhaps have a good question to go with it; Can Call of Duty Recover?

From my previous review, I basically stated that Call of Duty Ghost was the worst game I had ever played and I still stand by that fact. So the question I have is simple, can the series recover from it's black sheep game?

That question is still yet to be answer, even though the announcement and trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare came out. However, despite a new turn with a new developer coming into the picture; it still have yet to win the interest of me. One thing I will say that properly be the best answer to everything is kick Infinity Ward out of the series as from what I gather from many Youtube posts and indie reviews have said, which I will agree with them about having Infinity Ward be removed and replace with SledgeHammer.

I want to know what is your opinion, can the series ever recover from the failure that is Ghost? Leave a comment and lets see what you have to say about it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Connection is Power

Master Wolf here! So what happens when you have the ability to hack into anything, prevent crimes, and become either a vigilante among civilians or a total jackass. This is Watch_Dogs!

Watch_Dogs follows the Aiden Pearce, The Vigilante, as he tries to solve who place a hit on him and his family in the city of Chicago after his 6 year old niece dies. As you play though the story of the game, you can be able to go around the city of Chicago to see the many sites of the famous city and stop crimes and protect the city from gangs and corrupt officials.

Your main weapon in the entire game in hacking, which will prove very handy in many situations that you will come across as you progress. You can spy using the cameras around you, create distraction, set off traps, or create cover. There is also car chases, in which you're hacking abilities will be use to it['s fullest to either stop the bad guys or to get away from the cops.

With many weapons, cars, clothing, gadgets and ways to hack to choose from. You will be choosing which play style you want to do, go in quietly or guns blazing. Like Crysis, there is many ways to play the game that playing through once isn't enough. However, there are many mini-missions and points of interest to see in the game that starting over once the game ends isn't the option.

Watch_Dogs, I will go ahead and say this, deserve the Game of the Year title as it have many things to offer to anyone. Whoever came up with the idea for this game, I want to give him a handshake and a 'you are an amazing person ever' giant cake.

Watch_Dogs: 5/5

Standby for Titanfall

Master Wolf here! So what do you get when you mix Mechs, Parkour, Shooter, Robots, Futuristic settings, and many ways to move through the maps... you get one of the most impressive games to be release. Believe the hype people, cause this is Titanfall!

So this game is a Multiplayer only game, which means there is no single player, but it does make it up later on as you play it. As normal, there is a campaign you play through to unlock two Titan chassis which you need to play both sides starting with the Militia then the IMC (the two factions in the game). Now the story is just the side thing as once again, it's a MP only game, but does have a lot of fun to it.

now when it was announce, some were complaining about it being 6v6, but I can see why it's 6v6... cause there is so much stuff going on that going over 12 players would crash the entire game. plus, I feel 6v6 is a perfect match with the amount of chaos going on in the game.

as the title suggest, the main feature of this game are the Titans, your mech that you can call in and either manually pilot it or have the AI take control of it and follows you around the map. The Titans can carry one primary which ranges from cannons to railguns as well as ordinance that you can equip it to give an edge when going against enemy titans.

So I believe the hype that this is a great game! a mix of many things rolled into one hell of a fun time. Recommend playing with friends for the maximum entertainment that is Titanfall!

Titanfall: 5/5

My Thoughts on Battlefield Hardline

Master Wolf here! its time for my thoughts on the current reveal title for the Battlefield series, this time instead of soldiers, it will be focusing on law enforcement. This is Battlefield Hardline!

So right off the bat, I notice that some people were bashing this latest title, but the people I have talk to are excited for it. So what is it that Hardline is doing that is much different than the previous titles that most people are liking it?

well it have to do with the concept of the entire game, which is a Cops vs. Thieves game. Most of your BF titles have Military vs. Military but never went into law enforcements as it could be consider another type of battlefield. From the leak trailer under the project name 'Omaha', it reveals several things about Hardline and what to expect from it.

Now from the news I have collect, the game will be made by Visceral Games (Campaign) and DICE (Multiplayer), but with DICE making Battlefront I would not be surprise if Visceral Games did this. However, I think this is a good idea as it divide the workload evenly and have less chance of screw ups.

I think Battlefield Hardline will be a good game to see and that people should not be quick to judge until more about it is release. With E3 coming up, we could expect to hear more about Hardline shortly and when the game will be release. Until then, we just have to be patient... oh screw it;