Friday, June 27, 2014

Are Gamer's taking things too far?

Master Wolf here! So I was at work, doing what I do best which is fixing cars, when all of a sudden a question pop in my head and I have been witnessing this for quite some time... are gamers taking things too far?

Well in my honest opinion... yes, they are taking things too far...

First examples of this is the bashing of Dice's Battlefield 4 game. Sure, it have it's problem on launch... but so did Battlefield 3... and many other games... you can't expect every single game to be handed to you on a golden platter! I mean, my god, give the developers time and don't say that it's all EA's fault because of (insert bullshit about EA here). Well you know something, I have no trouble with EA and I think you all need to CHILL!!!

second is when talking to people about certain types of games, like the upcoming Battlefield Hardline, some people seem to hate it right off the bat... um hello? shouldn't you 'try out' the game before you make up your mind?! I mean, what happen to 'trying it out and see if you like it or not' I swear to god, if people are only going to base their opinions on snippets and teasers... then I feel really bad for the gaming society...

Edit: This is what my sister said;
I would like to play as another lady assassin, but in all honesty people are complaining too late. They should've started complaining when we got word that the lead was going to be male.

the third issue is the whole bullshit complains about one company's decision or so... like recently with Ubisoft that gamers are throwing a fit about... like my sister said, she doesn't care if you play as a female are not; just as long as the game is fun to play... so for every gamer complaining; QUIT IT! NO ONE WANT TO HERE YOU COMPLAIN LIKE A BUNCH OF TODDLERS?!

there are plenty more I have examples of gamers taking everything too far... but that would take long. So with the examples/issues that I have presented... it would seem as if the gaming community may be showing its ugly side when it comes to 'diehard' gamers and their games. It's just a game that is meant for entertainment and to make friends from around the world, but with issues like theses, I am sad to say that it may have a nasty and possible worst outcomes that is yet to be seen.

That's all I have to say and I will be seeing you on the Battlefield!