Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Standby for Titanfall

Master Wolf here! So what do you get when you mix Mechs, Parkour, Shooter, Robots, Futuristic settings, and many ways to move through the maps... you get one of the most impressive games to be release. Believe the hype people, cause this is Titanfall!

So this game is a Multiplayer only game, which means there is no single player, but it does make it up later on as you play it. As normal, there is a campaign you play through to unlock two Titan chassis which you need to play both sides starting with the Militia then the IMC (the two factions in the game). Now the story is just the side thing as once again, it's a MP only game, but does have a lot of fun to it.

now when it was announce, some were complaining about it being 6v6, but I can see why it's 6v6... cause there is so much stuff going on that going over 12 players would crash the entire game. plus, I feel 6v6 is a perfect match with the amount of chaos going on in the game.

as the title suggest, the main feature of this game are the Titans, your mech that you can call in and either manually pilot it or have the AI take control of it and follows you around the map. The Titans can carry one primary which ranges from cannons to railguns as well as ordinance that you can equip it to give an edge when going against enemy titans.

So I believe the hype that this is a great game! a mix of many things rolled into one hell of a fun time. Recommend playing with friends for the maximum entertainment that is Titanfall!

Titanfall: 5/5