Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Furocity, the Furry Rock Radio

Master Wolf here! And I will come clean with this, but I am a furry. I mean you can already tell with the pictures I have up on Deviantart and Furaffinity, but as I was explore around FA; I came upon a radio station that is for furries, this is Furocity Radio!

So what is Furocity Radio? Well it's a radio show that is the only furry rock station on the net and it really is! They have a wide range of song that can be requested to play on the air and it can be from any era. The cast that host Furocity (DJ Cody, DJ Foxxy, and more) are really nice and you can even chat with them as well talk about anything. I must say, compare to big time radio station like Q105, Roxy, and others, Furocity Radio feel connected to the listeners and will have a fun time chatting with the DJ on Skype.

So go check out Furocity Radio! You will have the time of your lives listening to this station!