Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nerepi's The Reaper and the Girl

Master Wolf here! So here's an interesting thought; what happen when you have the Reaper, the bringer of death himself, place in several funny moments when he has to take care of a little girl? You get Nerepi's The Reaper and the Girl.

The comic could be consider like those Sunday comic pages that you get in the Sunday Newspaper, which I will say that it should be. There is a lot of funny moments that everyone could relate to when it either come with taking care of children, however what makes it even more funny is that it has the bringer of death himself trying his best to take care of the little girl while trying to do his job as the Reaper.

Like I say, this comic feels like a Sunday comic page with each illustration having a new type of dilemma that the Reaper has to face with the little girl, usually always end up in a hilarious way. I think that having someone who is suppose to scary (Werewolf, Vampires, Reapers, etc.) are forced to take care of a little girl makes it a funny and hilarious story or events for them. Its a clever idea to have the icons of horror stories be put into these roles.

the characters, the Reaper and the little girl, are really funny and plays off each other really well. Its always fun to watch these two and often wonder what will happen next between them. Readers can really relate to them because it resemble of trying to take care of a child, which makes it for some really funny moments in life. Its these moments that makes it really great and those reminds us of the fun moments rather than the hectic moments of taking care of a child.

As I said earlier, this is a great comic that should have a spot on a Sunday Comic Page in the newspaper. It has a great idea, great characters, funny moments, and above all really great similarity with real life. I say go read it, it won't disappoint you.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Katelyn's Jade Dragon Review

Master Wolf here! So we all know about the legends of 12 animals known as the zodiacs, but what would happen when the Zodiac spirits are inside 12 selected individual people with the Dragon Spirit being the leader? You get Katelyn's Jade Dragon!

So the story behind this comic is that it follows Kaida Suzuki, who happens to be the vessel of the powerful dragon spirit of the legendary zodiacs. Now her mission is to go out and search for the other zodiac vessels to help her defeat an evil that could destroy the entire planet! So far, the story is really good with some really humor and action to it. Like I said, the story is only in chapter 2 and has more to offer; However, I am enjoying the story so far and loving every page that comes out. the character Kaida is really good character and would love to see what she will endure in her quest and (this is just me) change into an anthromorph dragon which I think would be badass! but I have to wait and see/

The art style is really good; almost like an anime type style with what I believe small hints of a cartoon style. Again, this is in black and white; but if you remember from my other review that despite it being black and white, as long as you have great details to it you can have a great comic. Now I love the dragon design that Katelyn created and would love to see it in action later in the comic.

Now remember, this comic is on the 2nd chapter right now; but I have no doubt that this comic will be really good! I say go and have a read of chapter 1 and parts of chapter 2.

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Jade Dragon Website:





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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rogo's Gravston Review

Master Wolf here! Time we once again go back to reviewing comics from my good friends of MM! So what happens when you combine Mysteries, the Supernatural, and Shounen? You get Rogo's 'Gravston'!

So what the story that 'Gravston' have to offer, the story is about Samuel Mortimer who discovered that he's a death host who are beings to act as the embodiment of death itself. Now Samuel use his new duty as a Death Host to hunt down and destroy Demons and Creatures who violates the laws of life and death (in short, the Circle of Life) by combining their bodies and souls. As the comic progresses, we see that Samuel isn't the only one with strange and mystical powers. It seems that his hometown has something more to it than what it seems to be.

I must say... this story is really interesting and engaging! Its kinda like one of those story where hero is just a normal everyday guy by day and a kickass demon slayer at night types. I do say that 'Gravston' has a really great storyline to boot! As the comic progresses, we get a deeper look into the world of 'Gravston' and what makes it very unique. There is also some really great humor that goes well with the seriousness that is going on and at often see the main character has to go with on a day to day basis.

Speaking of character, there are a great variety of characters for the reader to love or can't wait to see if the character gets his/her just dessert. the demons and creatures that are in 'Gravston' have some really cool design to them and at times looks really cool. even the mythical creatures have some really interesting design.

The art style that goes into the comic is really great. despite that its a black and white comic, it does makes it up with it's environment and the details that goes into it. I say that even with it being a black and white comic, you can still make it work if you add in a lot of details into it.

'Gravston' has to be one comic that I really love when it comes down to Supernatural and Mystery aspect. Give this a read, I promise that you will have a great time reading it!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

LKHFF Review

Master Wolf here for another review! Today is a very interesting review as I look into a group who does crossovers with movies, shows, events, and other things. I am talking about the folks of Lion King Heart Fantasy Films.

Now the members of this group all do crossover with original characters or characters from films that joins the group in their adventures through time. I must say that when it comes to crossovers, its always either a hit or miss when it comes to what are you crossing over and how it is executed. So when I read what LKHFF has, I must say that I was really amazed how well they have done so far. Each story (whether its a movie, a tv show, historical event, or an original story) have the characters of LKHFF go through the story, helping the characters of the said story as well as help fight the enemy.

The characters that are a part of LKHFF are really likable and funny, but also can be serious when the moment calls for it. I have seen character designs of being in different movies (Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and more) and I would love to see who the folks of LKHFF pulls it off.

I recommend giving what they have a read and I promise you will like what they have to offer. With a good line of characters, great crossovers, and amazing character designs; It's clear that they executed the art of crossovers perfectly.

Here's the link to their group page so that you guys can have a look.


Final Verdict:
LKHFF: 5/5

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blake's Cowboy Shark Review

Master Wolf Here... and granted we come to a comic series that even I have no idea what it is. However, I done many readings and I would like to share what I found; for this is Cowboy Shark.

So what's the story behind this comic. Well... there isn't really a story to be honest, just follows cowboy shark and his penguin partner around fighting evil (I guess you can call it a story?) Well to be fair, I did come up with one conclusion with this comic; and that would be is a random joke comic. Why is it that I think it's a joke comic? lets go into detail why.

For starters, the comic makes fun with the stereotypical Shonen Manga and it shows. some of the things you see in the comic are making fun at the shonen culture (If you don't know what that is, I suggest you look it up). So this is really a making fun of the Shonen culture while having random WTF moments in them. To be honest, once I figure that out; it actually makes sense. Now I don't read Shonen manga (because I don't find them interesting), but from what I gather and by just looking through them while I am at Books-a-Million; its basically an over the top drama with some over the top fight scenes. Granted that I may not be an Anime or Manga fan totally; I do find some of them really interesting (Like Beast Warriors Gulkeeva).

However, I myself don't know a lot about Japanese Animated or Comic culture (I mostly love the artistic feel and some of the tradition Japanese hold); so I say that it's... not bad. Granted that i didn't know what I was going into since all my childhood I grow up watching American Cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Disney, and so forth) as well as my all time favorite Thomas the Tank Engine. However I never really explore the world of Manga or Anime for that manner until I was in High School.

So if you like a comic (or manga for that matter) that makes fun of the Shonen culture with random WTF moments; I say just check it out, it's not the best like other comics; but it's a decent read.

You can find Cowboy Shark and Blake's other work here:

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hewy and Digimon Heroes

Master Wolf here! Today is the double feature special were I look into not only the series that person created, but the person behind it. This person is not only created some really good stories and series; but also have his very own reviewing channel. So who is this person I am talking about? It's none other than HewyLewis (aka Logan) and his series Digimon Heroes!

Lets first start off with his series; Digimon Heroes!

So what's the story behind this. Unlike the Digimon we all know which are set in Japan, this one is actually set in New York City, New York in the good old U.S.A. (Interesting setup) The location along is a good change from the anime as we get to see new locations and new heroes to raise to defend both world! With a really great location, how does our story start?

The story starts out with introduction our heroes; Robert, Joey, Eva, Chris, Mike, Jermaine, Kevin, and later on Rixu. They soon are paired up with their Digimon partners (some who are familiar and some who aren't) as they fight wild Digimon then slowly finding themselves fighting the supreme ruler and his general not only for control of the digital world, but the human world as well.

I must say, I like Digimon Heroes! It does even have tributes to the original show and not to mention a tribute to a movie 'Digimon: Our War Game'. The character themselves are like the original digidestineds from Adventure season which each has their own traits to them and can be related to depending on the chapter. I like how the characters have their own moments in the spotlight and have their own character arc that each one of them goes through and shows at the end of the series.

There is also another thing that I like about Digimon Heroes is the Digimon and their digivolution. the one digimon that I would pick for an example is Renamon. We all know her mega form is Sakuyamon; however, Logan changed it into a anthromorph fox since its different from the other digimon series. To be honest... I actually like Logan's version of Sakuyamon better than the original. It keeps her appearances as a fox all the way through the digivolution chart (which I don't get why beast type digimon always have a human type digimon as their mega). I'm surprise that this idea hasn't even come across the table to have something like this done... well here's praying for something like this.

Now while it is a text-based script for a comic; there is a comic in production that goes very well with the text-based comic. You can find it here:

now I know there is a second series to Digimon Heroes, which is Digimon Heroes 2.0. To be honest... I did not actually find it that all interesting to me. now grated what it was going for is really neat... but its just that, it just takes away from other all feel of what Digimon Heroes has set up by adding cameos from TV shows and games to human bad guys with supernatural or enhanced cybernetics (also there is a russian assassin after them too.) So just to be fair, I enjoy Digimon Heroes... just not so much with Heroes 2.0 (sorry)

Now for the creator himself, I must say I find his work really inspiring and creative. He have really amazing ideas for stories and characters and the settings he places them in. although his style is very simple, it does help to understand what the characters look like and what they wear to help us easily identify what the character looks like when reading his series. Not only is he a creative artist and author, but a good reviewer.

He have a channel on both Youtube and That Fellow with the Coat website calling 'Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews' starring as HewyLewis. He reviews animated movies that are CGI, Stop Motion, Hand Drawn, or puppets (I wonder if he would do a review on the Muppet movies...). His reviews consists of the following;

New Movies: A short description of the latest animated movie in theater and list those who done the voice acting and directed the movie

Old Movies: A long description of an animated film that is already own and gives his thoughts about it and commenting about each scene (whether its pointing something out or making a joke of a scene)

Top list: depending on the topic, goes through from least to most of the topic

In most episodes; he have his friends come on and do the reviews with him as guest co-host. I really do enjoy this because you have two different point of views of the movie that is being review. I have to say that I do enjoy Logan's movie reviews just as much as I do enjoy with Doug Walkers' NC review.

Without a doubt, Logan is a skilled artist and reviewer. If you want to check him out, click on the following link:




Final Verdict:
Digimon Heroes: 5/5

How my reviews work

Master Wolf here. Well I guess I should have put this as the first blog here; but it didn't cross my mind until now. So I decided to tell you all how my reviews work

To start with, all my reviews are the like other reviewers; go in, read, watch, or play through what you are going to view. However unlike most critics, I give them a fair point and understanding of what they are trying to go with (like with Disney Planes, which some of you don't realize that the director of Pixer, John Laxendure, is the new CEO of Disney Animation Studio). My reviews goes like this.

The Story: What is the story that is set in the world that the author, animator, designer, etc. have created and what conflicts are set before.

The Characters: Who is are characters? Are they related to the reader/gamer/viewer? Are they well balance with each other? and are they creative.

Artistic: How is the artwork/graphic hold up? what type of feel do you get from it?

Experience: This one I put in because its the experience that you get from reading, watching, or playing. It matters if you had a good experience with it or not.

Overall: basically, What do I feel at the end. Would I recommend to everyone or would it be a miss.

Final Verdict: So this is how I score things in my review

5 = Awesome
4 = Great
3 = Good
2 = Not Bad
1 = Bad

So with that out of the way, I will be back here with another review; however, I will hold a suggestion page of what people would like me to review and see what my opinion are for those. So send your suggestions to me and I am sure that I will watch, play, or read them through and come back with my opinion on them.

So for tomorrow review; lets say that I will be doing a double feature of a series and the person who created it.

Cya around!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Disney Planes Review

Master Wolf here, time we take a break from the comic reviews and look at a movie that I went to go see. The movie I went to was none other than Disney Planes.

Now I won't go details like I did with my other reviews, but I will say this... This movie is awesome! I must say that this one I really love a lot, great characters, amazing animation, and great humor. The songs are really great when it comes to the mood of the scene or the moment that our hero, Dusty, have to endure when he competes in the 'Wings Around the Globe'. I don't care what critics have to say about the movie, I went in, saw it, and would love to watch it again until  Blu-Ray comes out! If there is one thing I want to say is that the planes looks like the real thing (unlike the kid show Jay-Jay the Jet Plane with freaky faces).

Did you know that Dane Cook, the famous comedian, is the voice actor for Dusty? I must say that I am really surprise that he did an amazing job voicing him. I have heard some of his skits on youtube and I was a bit worried since his comedy consist of adult humor; but then I had a flash back to my childhood and remember about another famous comedian who did narrations and a character in my favorite show, George Carlin. He played Mr. Conductor and the Narrator for Thomas the Tank Engine, but before that he was a comedian who's skit consist of adult jokes. In the end, Carlin did a fantastic role as Mr. Conductor and the Narrator by giving each character their own personal voice impression. So with Dane Cook as Dusty in Disney Planes, he did an amazing job.

Like I said before, this movie is awesome and can't be missed. I positive that you will have a fun time watching this movie.

Final Verdict:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Raymond's Bully Eater Review

Hello everyone! Master Wolf is back and ready to continue the reviews! Today we'll be looking into a comic that I think has to be really clever and amazing; It's none other than Raymond's Bully Eater!

So what's the story behind this; we follow a kid name Isao Akio who happens to be victim of bullying (I know the feeling since I too was bullied in High School, but I showed them a thing or two) However unlike how most people deal with bullies, Isao goes to a local material arts dojo and works out until he is able to defeat his bullies with ease (without messing up his hair to boot) However things starts to change when he is transfer to Longwei High. There, he soon finds out that the students (and the teachers) all have some kind of supernatural abilities.Now teaming up with Tien Lung, a member of the Dragon Eaters, Isao prepares to show the Nine Dragons gang that they won't stand up to their bullying.

I find myself liking this series the more I read and after receiving the first book by winning a raffle and reading it; I came up with this conclusion. Bully Eater is fantastic! The world that we are experiencing is really amazing, with people who have special abilities that goes to Longwei High and to those that goes there; it's just a everyday thing (unless your new to that school). The humor that goes into it plays it off really well and even the moments are perfectly timed to the actual events that is going on. The characters themselves are can really relate to the reader and the events that goes on in the story.

The artwork that goes into the series is really great, giving off the anime feel of it. the design of the characters and the environment around them are amazing. I actually have a good laughs when I read the comic and even find some good points to make a joke of the situation that the characters are in. The artwork follows very nicely from being almost realistic to comedic antics that plays off with each other really good.

Bully Eater is a must read that I am sure everyone would love to see it. With colorful characters, amazing artwork, and funny humor; It goes without a doubt that Bully Eater is truly an awesome comic!

You can find Raymond's Bully Eater and his other works by the following links!





Final Verdict:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chamelleon's Lucas the Dwarf Chameleon Review

Master Wolf here. Before I leave for my vacation that is tomorrow and I won't get back until the 15th of August; I decided that I will post a review of another comic from a friend of mine. What's that said comic you ask, why it's none other than Chamellon's 'Lucas the Dwarf Chameleon'

Now this comic is a very unique one since there is no set story line or possible threats that our characters have to face. Rather, it's almost like episodes of a cartoon featuring our stars in unique yet funny situations. So we have our main character Lucas, a dwarf Chameleon, who is a happy go lucky type of character and would always find something to do (even if that something would cause a living hell for someone else). The characters themselves are very colorful and often times have something funny to bring to the table. Like I said, there isn't a set story line for this, but what it makes it up is the funny adventures Lucas and his friends embark on.

The art style to this comic has a cartoon style (like you see on TV) and that the character design resembles their animal counterpart rather well. From the look as to where this comic is set in (which happens to be Africa), I must say that it's really interesting. I find myself really loving this comic a lot not because of the art work itself, but the characters and how they interact with each other on a daily basis.

There haven't been any update to the series since I last read it, but besides that it's still a good series to read and wanted to see what else Lucas and his friends get themselves into next. I would recommend this series for those who want to just have a good laugh!

You can see Chamellon's comic and his other works of art by the following links!


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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Red's Copyright Infringement Review

Welcome once again! I'm Master Wolf with another review! This time, we will be looking at a comic series called 'Copyright Infringement'

so what's the story behind this one; apparently its a crossover comic with other comics with our two heroes, Jake and Ace, chasing after a Wraith of Chaos who opens up a dimensional portal leading to other worlds. Meeting colorful characters along the way, its up to our heroes and their newly made friends to stop the Chaos Wraith from destroying everything.

right off the bat the art work is... kinda okay I guess. It's not that it's bad or anything, but the quality of the picture can be at times hard to read what the characters are saying at some times as well as coming out blurry in most cases. Though however I still find it to be a cartoon style art work going on with it. while most comics I have come across so far are digital, this one is very unique due to it's traditional style of art. You can easily tell that a lot of fun went into each of the pages and the expressions of the characters.

Now the story on the other hand is really quite interesting as it has our two heroes travelling to different worlds in order to stop the evil forces from destroying the universe. The idea is an interesting one and if done right, could be a good comic.

despite the quality of the picture and the artwork, 'Copyright Infringement' does have an interesting story and a cast of colorful characters. its worth a reading despite the problems it has due to what could be a lack of scanner. however I would ignore those problems and just enjoy the story that is presenting.

You can see 'Copyright Infringement' and Red's other work of art by these following links!  


Final Verdict:

KC's Neon Glow Review

Master Wolf again with another Review! This time we are going into a world known as 'Neon Glow'.

The story to this comic follows two main characters, Jake and Zedof, as they go out and capture creatures known as 'Neon'; which happens to be animals spirits caused by a special type of nuclear radiation. Its up to our two heroes to locate and capture the Neons, who can be dangerous, form harming the public.

I must say, the world of 'Neon Glow' has to be a very interesting world to live in. The animal spirits themselves have unique bright colors and names to go with it. As the name suggested it, the colors of the animal spirits gives off a neon look to them which could possible make them glow all on its on. Each of the character design to them are very unique with each character having his/her design that could be a great clothing wear in real life. The art style has a anime/cartoonist feel to it which works really well when you get down to the comedic side of 'Neon Glow' and not to mention funny gags popping up here and there.

The characters themselves have very interesting personality which is well balance with the other characters. It does have fun with them and the situation they are in, like Jake always blush whenever he sees Zedof without a shirt or just lifting the shirt up. Zedof himself is a funny character with the situations he finds himself in (like we he goes out on his first Neon hunt by himself).

Overall the story is good and the artwork that goes in it is very good as well. 'Neon Glow' is a good series to read for laughs and have a good time seeing what could happen next to our heroes.

You can see 'Neon Glow' and KC's other works of art by the following links!


Planet Kalzy:




Final Verdict: