Thursday, August 1, 2013

Red's Copyright Infringement Review

Welcome once again! I'm Master Wolf with another review! This time, we will be looking at a comic series called 'Copyright Infringement'

so what's the story behind this one; apparently its a crossover comic with other comics with our two heroes, Jake and Ace, chasing after a Wraith of Chaos who opens up a dimensional portal leading to other worlds. Meeting colorful characters along the way, its up to our heroes and their newly made friends to stop the Chaos Wraith from destroying everything.

right off the bat the art work is... kinda okay I guess. It's not that it's bad or anything, but the quality of the picture can be at times hard to read what the characters are saying at some times as well as coming out blurry in most cases. Though however I still find it to be a cartoon style art work going on with it. while most comics I have come across so far are digital, this one is very unique due to it's traditional style of art. You can easily tell that a lot of fun went into each of the pages and the expressions of the characters.

Now the story on the other hand is really quite interesting as it has our two heroes travelling to different worlds in order to stop the evil forces from destroying the universe. The idea is an interesting one and if done right, could be a good comic.

despite the quality of the picture and the artwork, 'Copyright Infringement' does have an interesting story and a cast of colorful characters. its worth a reading despite the problems it has due to what could be a lack of scanner. however I would ignore those problems and just enjoy the story that is presenting.

You can see 'Copyright Infringement' and Red's other work of art by these following links!  


Final Verdict: