Thursday, August 1, 2013

KC's Neon Glow Review

Master Wolf again with another Review! This time we are going into a world known as 'Neon Glow'.

The story to this comic follows two main characters, Jake and Zedof, as they go out and capture creatures known as 'Neon'; which happens to be animals spirits caused by a special type of nuclear radiation. Its up to our two heroes to locate and capture the Neons, who can be dangerous, form harming the public.

I must say, the world of 'Neon Glow' has to be a very interesting world to live in. The animal spirits themselves have unique bright colors and names to go with it. As the name suggested it, the colors of the animal spirits gives off a neon look to them which could possible make them glow all on its on. Each of the character design to them are very unique with each character having his/her design that could be a great clothing wear in real life. The art style has a anime/cartoonist feel to it which works really well when you get down to the comedic side of 'Neon Glow' and not to mention funny gags popping up here and there.

The characters themselves have very interesting personality which is well balance with the other characters. It does have fun with them and the situation they are in, like Jake always blush whenever he sees Zedof without a shirt or just lifting the shirt up. Zedof himself is a funny character with the situations he finds himself in (like we he goes out on his first Neon hunt by himself).

Overall the story is good and the artwork that goes in it is very good as well. 'Neon Glow' is a good series to read for laughs and have a good time seeing what could happen next to our heroes.

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