Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wally's Comatose Review

Master Wolf here, bringing you another review from my good friend Wally and his comic Comatose!

So the story goes that an average teenager named Jack Phoenix finds himself why over his head with a force that is far from the human imaginations. I must say that the story itself is really interesting as well as the world he is in. although it starts out slow, it really does pick it up as you continue on; giving us an idea as to what is going on and how things work in the world. The characters themselves are really an amazing and have their unique personality, even some that could be easily identify with the readers. While the story itself can be serious at times, it still has the comical relief which is a good balance.

The artwork to this comic is something to mention on a whole different scale, the detailing that goes into each of the comic pages is really fantastic. It has a style of realism but takes advantage with the comical style when the moment calls for it. Each characters can be easily identify by their unique character designs and the environment around them feels alive as well.

Comatose is one of those comics that deserve to be read over and over again. The story itself is amazing as well as the characters themselves. With amazing artwork and story, Wally's Comatose is really a worthy comic that could even go up against the mainstream manga's.

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Final Verdict: