Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zea Webb's A Black Crane Review

Master Wolf again, We'll be looking into another great comic from the creator/artist, Zea Webb and his comic, A Black Crane!

Right off the bat, I really love the cover to this comic. I really love the many type of birds with our three main characters (with one of them somehow ended up in a pelican's mouth... must have the short end of the stick.)

The plot for this comic follows three sisters, Cecily, Hayden, and Ada, who hate birds and finding themselves being attacked by them and by a mysterious figure. As the story continues, we get some really amazing character development from the sisters and even their ally, the Black Crane. Even though the story is short, it's still a comic worth reading and may give you a chuckle or two.

the artwork that goes into each page is really amazing, despite it being a black and white comic; it still have amazing details and uses it to it fullest. The birds look almost look as real and have great amounts of details to them, including the cutest of baby ducklings. The main characters themselves are really good and each one of the have their unique personality and development throughout the story.

Despite that it's a short comic, it still makes it up with it's amazing artwork and story to go with it. I will recommend this comic for anyone who loves short stories.

You can find this comic, and Zea's other works, by the following links.



Final Verdict: