Saturday, August 17, 2013

Raymond's Bully Eater Review

Hello everyone! Master Wolf is back and ready to continue the reviews! Today we'll be looking into a comic that I think has to be really clever and amazing; It's none other than Raymond's Bully Eater!

So what's the story behind this; we follow a kid name Isao Akio who happens to be victim of bullying (I know the feeling since I too was bullied in High School, but I showed them a thing or two) However unlike how most people deal with bullies, Isao goes to a local material arts dojo and works out until he is able to defeat his bullies with ease (without messing up his hair to boot) However things starts to change when he is transfer to Longwei High. There, he soon finds out that the students (and the teachers) all have some kind of supernatural abilities.Now teaming up with Tien Lung, a member of the Dragon Eaters, Isao prepares to show the Nine Dragons gang that they won't stand up to their bullying.

I find myself liking this series the more I read and after receiving the first book by winning a raffle and reading it; I came up with this conclusion. Bully Eater is fantastic! The world that we are experiencing is really amazing, with people who have special abilities that goes to Longwei High and to those that goes there; it's just a everyday thing (unless your new to that school). The humor that goes into it plays it off really well and even the moments are perfectly timed to the actual events that is going on. The characters themselves are can really relate to the reader and the events that goes on in the story.

The artwork that goes into the series is really great, giving off the anime feel of it. the design of the characters and the environment around them are amazing. I actually have a good laughs when I read the comic and even find some good points to make a joke of the situation that the characters are in. The artwork follows very nicely from being almost realistic to comedic antics that plays off with each other really good.

Bully Eater is a must read that I am sure everyone would love to see it. With colorful characters, amazing artwork, and funny humor; It goes without a doubt that Bully Eater is truly an awesome comic!

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