Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blake's Cowboy Shark Review

Master Wolf Here... and granted we come to a comic series that even I have no idea what it is. However, I done many readings and I would like to share what I found; for this is Cowboy Shark.

So what's the story behind this comic. Well... there isn't really a story to be honest, just follows cowboy shark and his penguin partner around fighting evil (I guess you can call it a story?) Well to be fair, I did come up with one conclusion with this comic; and that would be is a random joke comic. Why is it that I think it's a joke comic? lets go into detail why.

For starters, the comic makes fun with the stereotypical Shonen Manga and it shows. some of the things you see in the comic are making fun at the shonen culture (If you don't know what that is, I suggest you look it up). So this is really a making fun of the Shonen culture while having random WTF moments in them. To be honest, once I figure that out; it actually makes sense. Now I don't read Shonen manga (because I don't find them interesting), but from what I gather and by just looking through them while I am at Books-a-Million; its basically an over the top drama with some over the top fight scenes. Granted that I may not be an Anime or Manga fan totally; I do find some of them really interesting (Like Beast Warriors Gulkeeva).

However, I myself don't know a lot about Japanese Animated or Comic culture (I mostly love the artistic feel and some of the tradition Japanese hold); so I say that it's... not bad. Granted that i didn't know what I was going into since all my childhood I grow up watching American Cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Disney, and so forth) as well as my all time favorite Thomas the Tank Engine. However I never really explore the world of Manga or Anime for that manner until I was in High School.

So if you like a comic (or manga for that matter) that makes fun of the Shonen culture with random WTF moments; I say just check it out, it's not the best like other comics; but it's a decent read.

You can find Cowboy Shark and Blake's other work here:

Final Verdict: