Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nerepi's The Reaper and the Girl

Master Wolf here! So here's an interesting thought; what happen when you have the Reaper, the bringer of death himself, place in several funny moments when he has to take care of a little girl? You get Nerepi's The Reaper and the Girl.

The comic could be consider like those Sunday comic pages that you get in the Sunday Newspaper, which I will say that it should be. There is a lot of funny moments that everyone could relate to when it either come with taking care of children, however what makes it even more funny is that it has the bringer of death himself trying his best to take care of the little girl while trying to do his job as the Reaper.

Like I say, this comic feels like a Sunday comic page with each illustration having a new type of dilemma that the Reaper has to face with the little girl, usually always end up in a hilarious way. I think that having someone who is suppose to scary (Werewolf, Vampires, Reapers, etc.) are forced to take care of a little girl makes it a funny and hilarious story or events for them. Its a clever idea to have the icons of horror stories be put into these roles.

the characters, the Reaper and the little girl, are really funny and plays off each other really well. Its always fun to watch these two and often wonder what will happen next between them. Readers can really relate to them because it resemble of trying to take care of a child, which makes it for some really funny moments in life. Its these moments that makes it really great and those reminds us of the fun moments rather than the hectic moments of taking care of a child.

As I said earlier, this is a great comic that should have a spot on a Sunday Comic Page in the newspaper. It has a great idea, great characters, funny moments, and above all really great similarity with real life. I say go read it, it won't disappoint you.

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