Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mullana's Sugarland InFUSION Review

Master Wolf here! So here's a thought for you, what happens when a world of cute and lovable creatures all of a sudden collides with the world of reality. what you get is an adventure of a lifetime and lots of cute and innocent wonders. This is Sugarland InFUSION.

The story follows Hasi and Fwuff who happens to find themselves into the world of Reality after a fog rolled in and transported them from their world into our world. The entire idea of having characters from a cute and innocent world coming into the harsh reality of our world is a interesting idea all on its own. the characters themselves are really great too, seeing them exploring the world of reality while still retaining their innocents. Like I said earlier, it a really interesting story that execute it well.

The art style itself is like interesting one. Its not like any black and white comics I have seen before, but it uses the variants of black, grey, and white which is really great when it comes to detailing. the detailing it self is really amazing, giving each character, location, and building their own feel and design to them.

I have to say, Sugarland InFUSION is a comic that I really enjoy when it comes to cute characters in the world of reality. Give this a read and I'm sure you will have lots of fun reading it.

You can find Sugarland InFUSION and Mullana's other works by clicking on the following link:


Final Verdict: