Monday, September 23, 2013

Hewy's Mythology Review

Master Wolf here! So we all know about the Myths from many different cultures and race depending on what part of the planet you're on. Many ranging from Greek to Native American with each their own unique ways of viewing life itself. Now what happens when you go on a journey and meet all of the mythical creatures, gods, and spirits? You get Hewy's 'Mythology' series.

The story follows Bluarathes (aka Blue), along with his friend Leon, an inventor, and Andrea, an Equitaur with a secret. They are on a journey to find pieces of a sacred relic to prevent an evil that is far more powerful than the Greek Gods themselves from being release. On their journey, they meet several mythical creatures, gods, and many more as they venture across the world in their search for the relics.

Story wise, this is a really interesting series that Hewy has created alongside his other series like 'Digimon Heroes'. the character designs for the creatures and gods are very unique and are not like the ones that they were portray in the past media. The main characters themselves are really good too; each of the three heroes both have something that are relatable to the reader and are very likable.

Mythology feels like a great way to get you interested in the subject. If it finds it why to become a comic or a youtube series at best, I would no doubt give it a shoot and perhaps maybe be a popular series. So here's to Mythology for its great setup, amazing cast, and a wonderful journey that readers would want to see more off.

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