Monday, September 16, 2013

Kura's SCaibot - Bishonen Warriors Review (sorta)

Master Wolf here! Well its no surprise that Kura has really amazing comics and artwork with original characters and story (or some really great fanart). However, she started another comic that I must say I am liking it so far. This comic that Kura has created is called 'SCaibot - Bishonen Warriors'

Now this won't be a full review, however I will be doing my first impression on the comic and give my thoughts on how well this comic holds up compare to the others that Kura is working on. So on with the (sorta) Review!

So the story is very interesting and that its not that far fetch from today. basically the story is about robots and androids doing jobs that humans either can't do or don't want to do. I must say when it comes to androids and robots, the creativity of designing what one will look like in the future really are amazing to see in this comic. We soon learn that there are also those that are build for combat only (no not military purpose, but entertainment purpose) to fight one another in a tournament for human entertainment. I would say that this reminds me of a show called Battlebots... but from what we here may as well put Battlebots to shame (sorry Battlebots.)

Anyway, the story itself is very interesting and the way it introduce us to the world of SCaibots is really unique. I really like the comic as much as I enjoy reading Raven Wolf. Since the art style is a lineart style of comic (sorta like black and white) it really does make my mind think of what the world would be like in color.

So overall, the comic itself is worth the watch. It only gets better from here on out and maybe when the first few chapters are done I can do a full review of it. However, First Impressions of it; I really enjoy reading this comic (from a guy who done 9 years of FIRST Robotics, this already gets my attention.) So go and read this comic, I promise that this won't disappoint you.

Final Verdict:
(pending until full review)