Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to Tier 1 (A Medal of Honor Warfighter Review)

Master Wolf here! Well it's time we look at a game and one that I really love from the first game I picked up all the war to the recent game in the line up. The series I am talking about is Medal of Honor, a game that is really great from the World War 2 games (Frontlines, Rising Sun, Airborne, Vanguard, and many more) to their modern day games (MoH 2010) and the game that I will be reviewing. Welcome to Medal of Honor: Warfighter!

The game itself continues from Medal of Honor 2010 where we follow Preacher, Mother, and Voodoo on their missions to stop threats from around the world and to stop a terrorist group that is planning something big. It not only dives into the life of a Special Forces member, but also the relationship of the family and the effects it has on them. The graphics is really amazing capturing the details of the characters and the surroundings of the places that we are in; not to mention capturing the emotions of the characters depending on the moment they are in.

I like how the single player campaign ties in well with Medal of Honor 2010 and having characters we all know so well making a comeback in Warfighter. The storytelling to Warfighter is amazing and I really love that it dives in deeper with the Special Forces from not only the US, but from around the world (I.E. Polish GROM forces). To them, they are brothers in arms and they look out for eachother because they all fight for the same reason; to stop those that threaten their country.

Now lets go into Multiplayer:

In Multiplayer, there are 12 groups to choose from and here is the following groups;

Canadian JTF2
British SAS
Norwegian FSK/HJK
Swedish SOG
German KSK
South Korean UDT/SEAL
Polish GROM
Australian SASR

from them you get choose what country you want to represent and play against others to earn tokens to see who is the best Warfighter Nation. The maps themselves are really good and offer many flanking, sniping, choke points, and open areas to fight in. There is also a buddy system which means that you and your buddy have each others back and support one another by playing as a fireteam. I play rounds and found out that if you are with your buddy then you will find yourself at the top when you and your buddy fight and back up each other throughout the match. 

There are 6 classes to choose from (Sniper, Assault, Demolition, Heavy Gunner, Pointman, and Spec Op.) and each class as their own weapons for that class. As well as the weapons, the equipment each one has are unique for that class; one might have grenade launcher, the other has ballistic armor, and so on. There are tons of customization that one could spend hours picking the right one to fight that player's gameplay experience. 

Overall, I love Warfighter and love Medal of Honor. This is a game that goes really well with Battlefield and its a perfect companion to it. I do hope to see more Medal of Honor in the future because this series is really amazing and always dedicate the game to the men and women who serves in the military.

Final Verdict: