Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fixer's Shapeshifter: A tale yet untold Review

Master Wolf here! Well after my last review, I have been busy as of late; but that's what you get when you trying to find a job, help around the house, and working on other personal projects. However, its time for me to get back on the review bandwagon and go for another comic. So lets dive right into Fixer's 'Shapeshifter:A Tale Yet Untold'

So our story starts of explain what happen in the year 1999. (Something tells me this was based on the Y2K). Actually this takes the Y2K and puts it to shame... apparently 5 planets appeared out of nowhere and thus been called the Chaos Formation. the five planets align and fired what I believe to be a beam of light and sent it towards earth after taking quarter of the moon off (already what... 4 pages in and shit already hit fan...). Rather than the light (after what it did to the moon) destroying Earth, instead it release chaos and Pandemonium across the planet leaving death and destruction on the humans. (yup... shit hit fan hard). However one human (followed later by other humans) stand up and confront the chaos and destroy them, which later fueled the courage to other humans to join and fight which they would be called Endorei.

I must say that the comic itself is really interesting, that it does have a good backstory so we could understand what happen and what could we see in the future.

The artstyle itself... I can't get the feeling that some of the style was from Bleach... but then again it's me. However, the characters themselves are identifiable and has their own unique style for them.

Overall, its a good comic to read. although the comic isn't quite my cup of tea; it still gets me interested in what will happen next in the story. Go for a read and you won't be disappointed.

You can find 'Shapeshifter: A Tale Yet Untold' and other works from Fixer with the following links;




Final Verdict: