Friday, August 23, 2013

LKHFF Review

Master Wolf here for another review! Today is a very interesting review as I look into a group who does crossovers with movies, shows, events, and other things. I am talking about the folks of Lion King Heart Fantasy Films.

Now the members of this group all do crossover with original characters or characters from films that joins the group in their adventures through time. I must say that when it comes to crossovers, its always either a hit or miss when it comes to what are you crossing over and how it is executed. So when I read what LKHFF has, I must say that I was really amazed how well they have done so far. Each story (whether its a movie, a tv show, historical event, or an original story) have the characters of LKHFF go through the story, helping the characters of the said story as well as help fight the enemy.

The characters that are a part of LKHFF are really likable and funny, but also can be serious when the moment calls for it. I have seen character designs of being in different movies (Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and more) and I would love to see who the folks of LKHFF pulls it off.

I recommend giving what they have a read and I promise you will like what they have to offer. With a good line of characters, great crossovers, and amazing character designs; It's clear that they executed the art of crossovers perfectly.

Here's the link to their group page so that you guys can have a look.


Final Verdict:
LKHFF: 5/5