Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Can Call of Duty Recover?

Master Wolf here! So we all know that with E3 coming up, we are seeing a lot of reveal titles before the big gaming convention that is held yearly. However, one game title might be having trouble recovering from its last game that was release last year and perhaps have a good question to go with it; Can Call of Duty Recover?

From my previous review, I basically stated that Call of Duty Ghost was the worst game I had ever played and I still stand by that fact. So the question I have is simple, can the series recover from it's black sheep game?

That question is still yet to be answer, even though the announcement and trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare came out. However, despite a new turn with a new developer coming into the picture; it still have yet to win the interest of me. One thing I will say that properly be the best answer to everything is kick Infinity Ward out of the series as from what I gather from many Youtube posts and indie reviews have said, which I will agree with them about having Infinity Ward be removed and replace with SledgeHammer.

I want to know what is your opinion, can the series ever recover from the failure that is Ghost? Leave a comment and lets see what you have to say about it.