Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Connection is Power

Master Wolf here! So what happens when you have the ability to hack into anything, prevent crimes, and become either a vigilante among civilians or a total jackass. This is Watch_Dogs!

Watch_Dogs follows the Aiden Pearce, The Vigilante, as he tries to solve who place a hit on him and his family in the city of Chicago after his 6 year old niece dies. As you play though the story of the game, you can be able to go around the city of Chicago to see the many sites of the famous city and stop crimes and protect the city from gangs and corrupt officials.

Your main weapon in the entire game in hacking, which will prove very handy in many situations that you will come across as you progress. You can spy using the cameras around you, create distraction, set off traps, or create cover. There is also car chases, in which you're hacking abilities will be use to it['s fullest to either stop the bad guys or to get away from the cops.

With many weapons, cars, clothing, gadgets and ways to hack to choose from. You will be choosing which play style you want to do, go in quietly or guns blazing. Like Crysis, there is many ways to play the game that playing through once isn't enough. However, there are many mini-missions and points of interest to see in the game that starting over once the game ends isn't the option.

Watch_Dogs, I will go ahead and say this, deserve the Game of the Year title as it have many things to offer to anyone. Whoever came up with the idea for this game, I want to give him a handshake and a 'you are an amazing person ever' giant cake.

Watch_Dogs: 5/5