Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Editorial: Is everything really Obama's fault?

Master Wolf here! Time for another Editorial and this one... I might get some flak but it is the damn truth people!

So the question for today is... is everything really Obama's fault. The answer is... *drumroll* ... no.

Before everyone go blasting on to the comments and yelling about how I am sooooo wrong, I want to go over Government 101 for newbies first; so that we are all clear about how the government works...

#1: Congress has the most power.
You might be wondering 'why does Congress have the most power?' because they are the lawmakers and budget makers, as well as determined if the law should be revisited or be taken down. In truth, from what my family has heard several Congress members in the southwest states about 'sending Obama the Bill!'... wouldn't it be more of 'We're sending the bill to ourselves!'... kinda hypocritical there... Also the President can suggest to Congress on what topic needs to be look at... and that's it.... So before anyone go blame Obama, how about you blame Congress first.

#2: Presidents can only Suggest topic, sign bills, or veto bills.
Once a bill passes both House and Senate, it is up to the President to see if he/she likes what he/she sees and signs it, or if there was something he/she doesn't like then he/she can Veto it and send it back to Congress. the President can also suggest Congress about a topic or what he would like to see, but once that's down... then its up to Congress to decide whether or not go deep into the topic. So basically... the President is only there to sign bills into laws or veto them.

#3: Congress has the most say on every matter
When a situation occurs, The President can't do anything without the backing of Congress to see if they are for it or against it. So then with the current situation that is happening now, Congress is the one to blame. Why you may ask? because they were the ones that won't allow a certain amount of money needed for Border Patrol or Federal Judges needed to handle this situation. Reason is simple, Congress has the power to approve or disapprove anything that comes their way... so in short... BLAME CONGRESS FOR NOT DOING THEIR %$#@ING JOB!!!

*clears throat* sorry, so now that we know how Government in the US works... the real question is, who's at fault the most? The answer is so clear, that you don't need anything to see it. Congress is the ones that isn't doing the job we sent them to do. So why are Congress (most of them) blaming Obama... Well... there is one reason that I could think of that makes so much sense... but also a scary fact... most of congress Congress are Racist.

Now I know this is a huge jumping of the shark, but... once you read and hear stories where most of Congress blames Obama, as well as looking back at pass presidents... then its a huge scary fact. Now how can the situation we're in be fixed? well first thing is Congress needs to get their heads out of their asses. Some members of Congress are actually doing their jumps and what to deal with the situation, however you have most people Congress who want to do nothing and just collect their huge paychecks in the end of their terms. They also want to whine and complain that nothing is getting done when in reality, they are the ones that haven't done anything.

Like Obama said at the rally, 'I am doing my job, it's congress that needs to do theirs.' which is so much fact that even our pass presidents would totally agree with him. People, we need to change this; we need to let Congress know that they need to suck it up and get back to work. If not, then this might lead us down the road of the beginning of the end.

I'm Master Wolf, and I will see you on the next post!