Sunday, December 28, 2014

Re: Easy's Bio-Revelation Review

Master Wolf here! So all of you may have remember my previous review of Easy's comic 'Bio-Revelation'. Well since she is redoing the series, I decided to redo my review on it and see what have change and see if its for the best. So lets take a look at 'Bio-Revelation' redo by Easy!

So what is different in this redo? how about the beginning where we get a rather interesting news report about a situation (this serve as an interesting setup to what is about to come, but doesn't go into too much detail about it) We then go back before the situation to see a rather grim reminder of the 1960's where segregation was at its worst, however like before Easy tackle the topic about cloning and the way we respond to it... also one can spot a sign of a lab selling... clones... okay forget the 1960's reference, this is pre-Civil War era mix with the 1960's era! My god, I can't imagine how the United Nations will react to this... anyway, getting off track.

This redo does things way different as we get to see more back story to the Watson Brothers and Jer's struggle to trying to balance his own life and being with the (extremely racist) Friends of Humanity (or rather Enemy of Humanity), trust me; you'll see why I said in my previous review they are more of a terrorist group with the amount of things they get away with. (then again, that what's happen when you have PMC's to be your main police force... which is a stupid move.)

Not only we get a back story to the Watson Brothers, but we do get a back story to Lance; who (I am totally shock about) was a former member of... you know what, I don't want to spoil it, so I will let you readers see what I am talking about.

Dmitri is still an asshole and a bad guy with what I can gather a secret agenda giving what he does in the comic, which means we have are official antagonist with perhaps a motive. Also it would seems that there is a riff slowly growing with the F.O.H. from one part of the comic of the ethics of their treatments.

So far, the Redo is worth a read and does things a lot better that the original hasn't touched on. I praised Easy for doing this redo as it brings much more emotions and leave the readers to wonder what will happen next in the series. Here's to Easy to continue such a great work!

Re: Bio-Revelation Verdict: 5/5