Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top 5 'Let It Go' Best Cover

Master Wolf here! Today I am doing my first Top 5 list and what better way to start off this Top 5 list then doing the best cover from Disney 'Frozen' most famous song, 'Let It Go'. So put on something warm, grab earphones, prepare yourself for what I consider to be my Top 5 'Let It Go' cover.

#5: Jun Sung Ann Violin
I must say, from listening to this cover, I am really like how talented this guy really is! He should be up there with Lindsey. I like how he have the original instrumental score in the background which actually blends nicely with the Violin. I might jump a bit when he started playing the violin, but soon I immediately began to like his cover of 'Let It Go'

#4: Jimmy Fallon's Classroom Instrument cover
Okay okay, I know... Idena Menzel that did the actual song is with Jimmy and The Roots. However, this is still consider a cover since they are using Classroom Instruments. Now, the reason why I put this at #4 is that I love that you can use the simple of things to preform a really good musical number as seen in the video. Plus what I like about this video is that it really puts fun into it as it is clear from the faces, they are having a great time performing the song. Plus, I really enjoy listening to this and that is why its my #4

#3: Piano Guys
Now this is very unique as not only they did a cover to 'Let It Go' but combine it with 'Vivaldi's Winter' and thus, bring a wonderful music that is sure to be a sensation as the original. Piano Guys have done a lot of cover of well known music and making them (in my opinion) 100% better than the original or performing timeless classic like Charlie Brown Melody. Whatever the case, Piano Guys sure know how to make known songs and make them beautiful to listen to.

#2: Brain Hull Disney and Pixar mass up
Now this guy... needs to be hired by Disney. He did the cover of 'Let It Go' but in well known Disney and Pixar characters voices, and nailing it. This is surely a great surprise that I have recently discovered and no doubt he did bring the original magic to this song and I must say, if he puts it up on Google Play or Itunes; I will surely buy it in a heartbeat! Brain Hull, you have an amazing talent and keep doing what you do best!

and now, the #1 Best 'Let It Go' Cover goes to...

Alex Boyé, Lexi Walker, and One Voice Children's Choir

This cover is really amazing as it adds a nice African beat to it and the cast that did this is really talented, plus children in this cover are really talented. I really love how this takes the song, giving it a different beat, and turning a popular song into an incredible music that is done by children! The location of this cover *like the Piano Guys* is really fantastic and makes you feel like you're in the movie.

So there you have it, my Top 5 Best 'Let It Go' Covers. I hope you like the list and if you want to see more Top lists, leave a comment and a suggestion of what should I do next. Till next time, I'll see you all later.