Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What People might not know about BF4

Master Wolf Here! Today we will be looking into Battlefield 4; but however, there is something that you might not realize about this... and this will cause some heads spinning. Now without further adieu, here is what you may not know.

So we all know about BF4 and the problems that plagues it right? Well here's a thing... this wasn't made in Sweden... oh no, this was made in LA... by the people from the former developers of Medal of Honor Warfighter... let that sink in.

DICE LA was originally Danger Close who's closed its door after Medal of Honor Warfighter, DICE bought it and made it into DICE LA so that they distribute the work evenly. It would answers why most of the weapons we see in BF4 look similar to the ones in MOH:WF like the Shorty shotgun and the campaign.

I have a conversation about this with fellow Youtuber and Battlefield player IceManAuz and he agrees with me about what we are seeing in BF4 and that perhaps this is the first and the last time that DICE LA will be making a Battlefield title and that the BF title will be going back to DICE Sweden and staying there. With DICE going to be making Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge 2, I think that DICE LA will be given those games to develop while DICE Sweden will focus more on their trademark Battlefield games.

so what do you think about this information? Please leave a comment and I'll be sure to answer them all. Till then, I'll see you later!