Friday, January 3, 2014

Guns + Loot = FUN! (Borderlands 2 Review)

WARNING: The following review will contain a lot of Gun Porn and other things that may consider to be huge amounts of fun. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Master Wolf here! Happy New Years (late) and today we will be looking at the game that I consider to be the best game money can buy. Combining a large number of things everyone loves! I am talking about the one and only, BORDERLANDS! (Borderlands 2 to be corrected)

So what's the background to this epic game that I have been playing. Well to start, this follows the events of the first Borderlands 5 years after the Vault was open. Everything you knew about Pandora (No! Not the one with the blue cat people... besides I would rather be on Borderlands Pandora than the movie's version of it...) has changed when the villain, named Handsome Jack, took over Pandora and mines an element known as Eridium for a plan that in which involve the Vault Key and a creature with unlimited powers. 4 new Vault Hunters arrived and soon get to work in stopping Jack *Who I consider to be a huge asshole and issue person* before he wakes up the creature. The story for this... omg I can't get enough of it. this is something that I am dying to have in the first Borderlands and they nailed it. 

So the four vault hunters that you can play as are the following;

Axton the Commando: Personally my favorite character to play as since he have the turret and kickass skill tree that i can either have two turrets out or slap on two MGs and a rocket pod! How cool is that!

Maya the Siren: Another Siren character, but unlike Lilith who's Siren ability is Phasewalk, Maya's ability is Phaselock, which is very useful to stop a badass in it's tracks and holds them in midair so you and your friends and shoot at him with ease.

Zer0 the Assassin: A sniper and a kickass Assassin. Nothing is known about Zero except that he speaks in Haiku which might I say... is epic.

Salvador the Gunzerker: The new class to Borderlands as you can duel wield guns and take little damage... if you have two rocket launchers that are really powerful... then I would suggest that you BLOW EVERYTHING UP IN YOUR PATH! seriously this class I might like compare to Brick who use his fists.

Borderlands won't be complete with the huge numbers of guns that you can have in the game. I mean... a lot... as in 5x over a billion guns... and with so many guns to choose from, you don't know what you want to keep or to sell (sell the white ones, I prefer to keep the greens-aqua guns). 

With great characters, awesome missions, funny moments, and HUGE numbers of guns. It's no wonder that Borderlands 2 is the Game of the Year... maybe the entire decade...

Final Verdict:
10/5 (it's that epic)