Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Look: New Star Wars MMOCFS game

Master Wolf here! Today, is a special first look at a closed beta of a upcoming MMO Combat Flight Simulator that is being release by none other than Disney. The game is known as Star Wars Assault Squadron.

With Disney know have the rights to Star Wars, and giving EA the contract to develop Star Wars games between Bioware, DICE, and the makers of Dead Space, it seem clear that there should be a Star Wars Combat Flight Sims that is Free to Play. Enter Star Wars Assault Squadron, letting you fly your favorite Star Wars fighters and dogfight other players in the Star Wars universe.

At this very moment, it's in Closed Beta stage and so far; it looks really promising. Unlike other MMOCFS games (like War Thunder) Assault Squadron is you and your team against other players in many different Star Wars fighters (like piloting the X-Wing to Boba Fetts Slave I). however for the closed beta, you have a X-Wing, a Y-Wing, and a TIE Interceptor to start with. All three of them have their own unique trademark like the X-Wing is a all purpose fighter and the Y-Wing can hold more missiles and torpedoes.

The controls for the game can be tricky at first, however once you get used to it; you'll be Top Ace against other players. The HUD is also not that bad as it tells you where your allies are and where the enemies close by are, including letting you know that a missile is inbound to you.

As a First Look, this MMOCFS looks really promising as it capture the feel of an older game called Rogue Squadron. Here's hoping that Star Wars Assault Squadron will be a great game that involves the fighters of the Star Wars universe.

Final Verdict: Until Release