Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Battlefield 4 should have a second chance (Editorial)

Master Wolf here! Today's Editorial will be focusing Battlefield 4 and why should it get a second chance. Trust me, this is worth the read people.

Battlefield 4 has to be, by far, the best Battlefield game that has come out. It offers more than what other BF titles have and compared to the fail that is CoD: Ghost, BF4 is the game that is worth your money. I am aware of the issues that the game has... but really... not all games will be picture perfect at launch, but at least we can still play it and have fun with it, right?

Well, not really. You see, some people do play it just for fun; and that's totally fine. However, you'll have those people who just aren't satisfied with anything and would like to sue or just complain about the nonsense that is the so-called 'net-code'. I really don't care, cause I play the game for fun and that's it.

Despite the problems BF4 has (as well as a stupid lawsuit) the game will rebound. Just look at BF3.

That game has problems at launch and sometimes isn't playable because of it. But look what happen, the game rebounded and soon became the most popular game and even blowing away CoD:MW3.

So, rather than bitch and complain like 5 year olds; we need to let the developers at DICE to have a chance to fix the things that are needed to be fixing. Hell give them a break, they are trying to please their fans by fixing the problems that are brought up to attention by gamers (who don't bitch and complain, by reasonably points the problem out in a gracious and professional matter.) I think that BF4 does have a chance to rebound and like IGN had said before;

"Battlefield 4 and Frostbite 3 puts Call of Duty Ghost to shame" -IGN

and they couldn't be more right about that.

I'm Master Wolf, and I'll be seeing you on the Battlefield.