Thursday, October 10, 2013

Xex's Eternity Concepts Review

**WARNING! the following review will contain mature themes as this comic have several of them. Viewer Discretion is Advised. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!**

Master Wolf here! Well its been awhile since I have posted my last review and its time to get into things. So to start things off with a comic that is recommended to me to read, it's called 'Enternity Concepts' by Xex.

So what's the story behind the comic? The story follows a Roman Catholic priest named Julian Skyy, who is deeply depressed with some problems that can be relatable to the reader. On a day he was suppose to carry out his plan, he ends up finding someone already beat him to it, which causes Julian to forget about the plan and starts a new one which is to save a life. It becomes clear to Julian that the world of reality is not all that we thought and continues to try and help an Atheist named Hallow to beat his own depression.

The story itself is really interesting, almost like it was taking a dives into what can happen in our lives (almost). the characters themselves are relatable to the readers as they can easily make a connection with them, which is a  good thing; making the story that much good. The one thing that I find  interesting about the comic is the use of religion since Julian is a priest of a Roman Catholic church. Why I find it that interesting? Well if you think about it, religion can have a big impact in our everyday lives; for example, there are some extremists who believes their religion should be the only one and nothing else. (Yes, it's a touche subject to bring in; but you know it's true.)

The art style is something unique and that details that go into it is really stunning. It does help when it comes to the expression of the characters that really does speak for themselves and even I'm impress with the environment that the characters are in, though not as prefect but still pretty impressive.

Now the comic did warn you about the mature themes that can be found in the comic. Again the comic does dive deep into what happens (almost) in our lives and what are the consequences for one's actions. I will give the comic credit and that it makes it for a believable situation that the characters are in.

'Eternity Concepts' is really a good comic that despite all the mature themes it has, makes it a good read. I will say give this a read, However I must warn you that if you do; expect to see mature themes as this is not a comic for kids.

You can find 'Eternity Concepts' and Xex's other works by following the links below!


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