Monday, November 18, 2013

Prepare 4 Battle! (A Battlefield 4 Review)

Master Wolf here! Well it's time for another game review and I decided to review a game that have came out and it's the one from a series that I really enjoy a lot! So put in a fresh magazine in, put on your helmets, and prepare yourselves as we go right into Battlefield 4!

The game feature Single Player campaign and Multiplayer with their own assignments and unlocks. So lets start off with the SP campaign that to my opinion, is way better than the one in BF3.

The campaign lets you play as Recker, a member of Tombstone Squad of the USS Valkyrie, as he and his squad goes on missions across China in order to stop Admiral Chang. As the story progress we get introduce to other characters that would be a major role in story as it continues. Each of the Characters in BF4 Campaign are really unique to that makes them really likable and relatable. As you continue through the campaign, you get to unlock certain weapons (knifes, guns, and pistol). The story itself is really a big improvement from the last game and it shows. It brings more of the emotions and the feel from the characters and the situation that they are in like in the first mission. I will say to anyone that you should play the campaign first, not only to unlock the weapons for MP, but as why to learn about the controls in BF4.

With the campaign being a major improvement from BF3, what does the Multiplayer in BF4 have in store for us? Well let me just say that it has a huge amount of unlockables and moments that will want you to continue playing it. So lets dive into the classes and what they do.

There are four classes that are in the game; Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon. each class has their own strength and weakness as well as weapons and gadget that are specific to that class. while playing a specific weapon or class, they have their own unlock tree that have more weapons and gadget to be unlock and try out on the battlefield. I will say that BF4 MP is much better than BF3 as it gives you much more freedom to choose how you want to fight in the game. The same can go with vehicles, however there is a catch.

The vehicles in BF4 have a limited ammo and spots on them that can give it not only a critical hit, but kill their mobility making them slower or immobile. The limit ammo gives it more of a thinking moment like should you use the main cannon and waste your ammo and wait until it's replenish or using the secondary for infantry and the main cannon for armor targets. What is really different from BF3 is that the vehicles themselves have more customizability and different type of primary and secondary weapons, countermeasure, and others. Another new feature to BF4 is the Attack Boats which I love and can be a deadly vehicle if you have the right settings for the Attack Boat and a crew that helps you out as you have two gunners and a passenger that could be use for repairing.

Returning to BF4 is everyone favorite mode, Commander. This is truly a game change as he can deploy UAV, EMP, Cruise Missile, AC-130, and many more. If both the infantry and the commander works together, then they will truly be a deadly force.

I don't care what some people say about the game, Battlefield 4 is truly the best game ever to come out from DICE and it truly is a revolution or 'Levolution' as it brings back what Battlefield is truly about. Go get this game as it will truly be an amazing experience you will have!

Final Verdict: