Monday, November 18, 2013

Piti's Wuffle: The Big Nice Wolf Review

Master Wolf here! Today I'm going to look at a webcomic series that is really good, it deserve to be up there with the other comics i have reviewed. So without further delay, lets head right into Piti's 'Wuffle: The Big Nice Wolf'

This series follows Wuffle and his friends as they get into interesting and funny situation or do something to help their community in Gingerbread Village. This is really a great comic to read as it really does lighten up your day with all of the humor and moments found in the comic. The character design for each of the characters really does suits them best and their personality does in fact relate to the readers.

The art style for this webcomic is really great. It almost feels like its an animated short than a comic (Which that would be awesome) and the background feels like something off an oil painting. I must say that with the other comics I have reviewed in the past, this comic really does shine above the rest.

I know this is a short review than the others I have done, but what can I say? This is a comic that I really enjoy and that it should be up there among the other comics I have reviewed. So without a doubt, Piti's comic is truly a real treasure to read!

Final Verdict: