Friday, November 29, 2013

The Eternal Winter (a Disney Frozen Brief Review)

Master Wolf here! Well today I must say that, DISNEY'S BACK!!! and what better way to show that they are back then the recent release of Disney's Frozen!

This will be a short review as I do not want to spoil anything from this moment, however I will tell you that this is a movie that you must see in 3D! This movie is meant to be seen in 3D because of the visuals and the landscape of the movie. Since this movie takes place in Norway, the clothing, the hairstyle, all the way to the buildings and design all have the Norwegian feel to them which is really great to see! The characters themselves are very funny and loveable even the minor characters themselves. 

The animation in this movie is something that really stands out above every single animated movies that has been released so far this year! I am really starting to warm up to the new animation, including the new short that was at the beginning of the movie! really does have a lot of thought and have must have been a lot of fun to work on. 

This is a must see movie of the year and the next movie (Saving Mr. Banks) only gets me more excited as Disney is back on track with amazing movies and next year might be something worth wild!

Final Verdict: