Friday, December 6, 2013

Lucky Charm? (Ashikai's Shamrock Review)

Masterwolf here! We all know what is a shamrock and what they represents like for me, I'm Irish, they represent St. Patricks Day and being Irish. However, what would happen when you have the name Shamrock as a title for a comic? Well you can forget anything have to do with Lucky Charms people, for this is one hell of a Ghost story! This is 'Shamrock' by Ashikai

The story follows Isaac (No! Not the one from Dead Space people!) who is curious about another student by the name of Samantha Rockman, as she has been bringing objects to class that seems to be glowing for some reason (One could guess they were misplaced at the Nuclear Power Plant or something that is radioactive.) So Isaac decided to follow sam to see what is up and realize he has stumble upon something that would change his normal life. Samantha is in turn a Gate Keeper, task to hunt down and retrieve everyday objects that have been mutated into monster like forms (wait... does that means my chair would turn into a monster?...). So after experiencing what Sam does, She asked Isaac if he would be her partner in hunting down ghost. For that point on, It's a wild ride.

I must say, the story itself is very interesting and while at first the premise of it (basically the part where objects turn into monsters) but once you get down to it, it can make sense since the object might hold something dear to an individual (like a teddy bear for example). There are also humor that I thought was really great and funny when we see our hero get into a situation from everyday school life to hunting ghost.

The Artwork itself is a Black and White style, but like the others I have reviewed before; This comic really brings out the best of Black and White style comics. The Details to each of the characters, the background, the creatures (the objects to say the least), and the landscape where it takes place.

'Shamrock' is really a great comic to read if you are in to ghost hunting stories. While at first the premise of the comic sounds a bit weird, once you get really into how the world of 'Shamrock' works, then you will understand and from their own; it only gets better. I recommend you all go read this comic!

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