Saturday, December 14, 2013

No wonder why it's a ghost... (A Call of Duty Ghost Review)

Master Wolf here. ...I got nothing to say that this has to be... the worst game (or should I say the worst copy and paste game ever) I have ever seen and I don't know why people play it to begin with. It's no wonder why IGN said that 'Frostbite 3 and Battlefield 4 put Call of Duty Ghost to shame.' That's right... we are going to look at Call of Duty: Ghost... god shot me...

First off... the story really sucks... I'm sorry but it seems like they rehash the stories from previous Call of Duty Games and place them in Ghosts. I'm serious, I look at each other to levels and I can't help but saying 'wasn't that level was in (insert previous game)?' okay okay, moving to the 'actual' story; basically a fictionalize group known as the Federation (wait... Star Wars reference anyone?) which are made up by South American nations, have taken over US Satellite ODIN (again... another movie reference) and fired it on the US... now this begs a question... if the US have a Kinetic Bombardment Satellite... should they have verification if any space shuttles comes near such a weapon like that... just saying... anyways, they fired ODIN at the US itself (west coast) and soon the US is crippled and on the defensive... So know we follow two brothers, Logan (you control and never talks... at all...) and Hesh (seriously... that's his name... who came up with that shitty name), as they perform (and I'm not kidding) 'right of passage' by their father who is NO WAY A GHOST CAUSE I CAN ALREADY TELL FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!!!

okay okay... so basically they find out that someone is hunting the Ghosts (No they are not Ghost Recon, because they are more likeable than the guys in COD...) which so happens to be one of their own. (No... I'm not kidding...). So why is a US Spec Op defected to the enemy and hunting down his fellow squad mates... because he was brainwashed after being left behind after a mission years ago... yeah I am not interested in why the guy motives because it's dumb... I don't care... besides the ending to this game... FREAKING BULL!!!

I won't put up the 'spoiler warning' because... it's exactly the same thing from MW2... basically the guy comes back, stab your character, talk to you for a bit, then drag you off screen. However... he was SHOT IN THE CHEST AND WAS UNDERWATER?!?! How the flippin hell you survive that?! Please I want to know how one survives a bullet to the chest and being underwater inside a tram car!!!

so basically the campaign totally sucks... I am not even going to touch Multiplayer because it sucks too... it's the same goddamned maps from the previous CoD games and no matter what they do with 'character creator' or their 'perks' systems... it's still the same flippin game like the last games...

The graphics... Same flippin graphics at the last couple of CoD games... nothing impressive and a big freakin fail. Oh they were so promoting their 'Dog and Fish'... WHO CARES?!?! LOOK AT BATTLEFIELD 4!!! THEY DID MORE THAN YOU!!!

This is, by far, the worst CoD Game ever; it didn't even surpass the sales of Black Ops II and that's saying a lot. It seems that the CoD community has finally realize that they want something more than the same game, over and over again (or the copy and paste game). So I agree with that IGN said that BF4 did put CoD:Ghosts to shame... pure shame. It's no wonder why it's called Ghost for a reason, cause it's basically a game that doesn't even delivered. So while other games takes steps forward, CoD is only taking step backwards from here on out.

Final Verdict: