Monday, November 16, 2015

Another look into LKHFF

so you remember my earlier review about 'Lion King Heart Fantasy Film'? Well... I decided to take another look into the group and you know what... I take it ALL BACK!!!

So there is a thing called 'self-insertion fan fiction' where the author place him/her into the movie and basically just follow the movie script. That is what LKHFF is, and you know something that really bothers me the most... WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP ADDING CHARACTERS TO SOMETHING IF ALL THEY DO IS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, what gives? It's a train wreck when trying to figure out 'who in the massive of characters do we need to focus more on?' To mean, you don't need characters from other movies, games, TV shows, or whatever to make it a good story; use your own character for it! There is already four characters that are already well establish; Leo, Johnny, Rae, and Benny. Why not just use those four characters as the main group! you don't need an army of characters just to have a good story; having a small group of characters is a best way to make sure you don't have to stress yourself over writing who do what!

Another problem is the stories themselves, for example; Benny's fan fiction of the Slenderman. It would be so much better if it was a fan fiction between the Ghost Busters and Slenderman, but nope... we have to add in the characters from a WHOLE RANGE OF FAVORITE GENRES IN IT!!!! and you know something... I never really got past the first chapter... nope... could not read it further on.

Now I will say that Benny did a fan fiction of the Ghost Busters and FNAF, haven't read it just yet; but I am sure it would be much better than 'BLJaR meet the Slender Man'.

All I can say is simple this... just stick to four characters and please leave other characters from other genres out!

I am Master Wolf and... I need to vent, so I'll see you on the Battlefield!