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KittMouri's Hybrids: Gods and Demons Review

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So we all know the history between Settles and Native Americans when Colonists first came to the America, the Conflicts it brought, and not to mention brought upon the darkest time of American History. When looking back, I notice how wrong the Settlers and even Colonialist were in not only how they view Native Americans, but the treatment they gave to them. Yeah, everyone back when America was young was a bunch of assholes. However; there are still many Native American Tribes that are still around to this day and a lot of amazing arts and crafts, music, and even how they view life.

The topic of Settlers and Natives have been seen a lot in media, ranging from movies like Pocahontas to an episode on several TV shows. Its also been seen in books and art, which is the topic of today's review; but with a twist.

So what would happens if there were a tribe of anthropomorphic animals put into the conflict between a group Settlers and a group of Natives; You get Hybrids: Gods and Demons.

So since there is only two issues of the comic out, this will only be my thoughts on the two issues and background information on the characters.

The story itself is quite interesting from the start of the first issue, the main plot from what I gather is the Moon Tribe, led by Wolf, is trying to maintain peace between a native tribe called the Black Creek Tribe, who honors the Moon Tribe as honored ones, and a group of settlers that have their settlement nearby. From the start of Issue #1 we meet our three faction, the Moon Tribe and their ally, Black Creek Tribe, and the Settlers led by Grayson. We start of the comic with the settlers as they are in a situation of not having enough food to survive the winter and that all their crops failed. An elderly man named Eric have a plan to solve this issue and that is taking food from the natives (What about, asking them for help and learn how to grow food? That's a better plan than what he wants to do) Already from the gates, we see that Eric seem to think that he and the settlers are entitled to the land, which is clear from the way he talks about them. (Already, I am starting to hate the guy.)

Before he could rally the settlers to charge into the natives land, an arrow hits the touch Eric was holding and someone warn him about handling fire. Now we're introduced the characters from the Moon Tribe, Wolf and Bear, who came to the settlement with a warning (This should go well.) As Wolf issues the Settlers, or pale ones as they refer them, the warning, he drew and arrow and expertly shot Eric's hat off. (Okay, so two things about the whole scene bothers me. 1) won't Wolf's action to what he did have a negative effect in the long run? 2) What would happen if that arrow drop just a few inches from the intended target? That could turn very ugly faster than the Hindenburg Disaster. but those are just nitpicking). So after Eric commented on who will get burned (I Have a Flamethrower and Napalm! DON'T MAKE ME USED THEM ON YOUR SORRY ASS ERIC!) and calling them 'Demons', we've switch scene to the Native American Tribe where other Hybrids are visiting; this is interesting to note that while the settlers see the hybrids as demons, the Native Americans see the hybrids as honored creatures. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hybrids of the Moon Tribe are going to be struggling over the identity of being saviors or being label as enemy of humanity.

However, there are two Hybrids that isn't from North America; This is Lion and Lioness. (I know what you all want to know, 'how the hell did a lion and lioness manage to get to North America?' There is a back story to the reason behind this; and that is they were betrayed by The Sun Tribe and sold into slavery (Yes there is another Tribe of Hybrids in Africa, however the leader of that Tribe want the mass extinction of the Human Race. Yeah, this isn't very helping and I could see problems in the future) So Lion and Lioness are getting fitted for their winter garments since they are not apart of the land, make sense. However Lion doesn't think he'll be needing the garments and starts complaining (I sense Karma is going to bite him in the butt later on) and its clear that while Lion may be complaining, Lioness seem to be enjoying the garments... That is until Lion commented something that have Lioness tackle him to the ground. (Smooth Lion. Real Smooth.) Forgot to mention we get to meet Coyote, Raccoon, and Snow Leopard as well.

Next up in introduction is Cougar and Fox, who is on look out detail to make sure that only those they can trust see their homes (Wish they have a sign reading 'GET OUT OF MY FOREST!') though Fox seems to be a bit on edge. Cougar, who was mending a broken arrow, commented on Fox's on edge issue which Fox stated he was being more observant than his elder, which Cougar asked him about what was behind a tree. Fox answer what was behind a tree, however he was shock when he saw a deer that Cougar said to him after he list the animals behind the tree (Cool, does that mean Cougar wins $5?) But Fox notices something was off and then realize that it was one of Cougar's Light Ability (CHEATER!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!) Cougar explain who to be in touch with their ability until Fox mention that he couldn't be able to control the wind as it doesn't listen to him (perhaps if you weren't uptight all the time, it won't be an issue). So this causes Cougar to help Fox be able to communicate with his ability and gives him a lesson.

I am only going to do with the first comic of the series as it hasn't been updated since comic #2. However, despite the lack of fore ground to the comics begins, it is still a good read and an interesting one at that. It gives a whole new twist on the settlers vs natives tale by adding in a third party and I do hope that the Hybrids would be the ones that have the most struggles debating on finding a middle road between the two sides rather than focusing on one side.

For me, this is a good comic; The story is very unique, the artwork is beautiful, and the characters themselves have their own unique personality. So go visit KittMouri page on DA and see not only her Hybrid work, but her other works as well!

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This is Master Wolf, and I shall see you on the Battlefield!

Final Verdict: 5/5