Sunday, July 5, 2015

My take on what the next Battlefield game is

Masterwolf Here!

So a few days I happen to come across this video here;

So since Levelcap, Jackfrag, and Matimi0 brought this topic up, I decided to throw in my two cents in and give my opinion on several things that they brought up on the video

So lets start of with the idea of a World War 1 Battlefield game. Well, I don't there is anything you could do with a WW1 game. There were few weapons that was used during the war, most of the war was nothing but trench warfare, and I am not sure how tanks and plane could be used in a period when the armored warfare and dogfighting was very new. So trying to mix Battlefield and WW1, I really don't think it would happen, however that doesn't mean you can make it interesting. But as the three in the video mention, there isn't a lot to do with WW1.

Now lets get into the juicy stuff, World War 2. It's been sometime since Battlefield 1942 has come out and Battlefield 1943 is console exclusive (PLEASE DICE! RELEASE IT TO PC! I WILL THROW MY SOUL FOR THAT GAME!) However, it is quite possible for Battlefield to make a return to World War 2 since we now are able to do a lot of destruction and I could see them either doing a remake to 1942 with the new improvement to the Frostbite engine or create a new game. Plus it would be a good change compare to all the futuristic fps games that has been coming out.

From World War 2 to the Future? Yes I am talking about 2142 or as the fans been demanding, Battlefield 2143. So we all know about Battlefield 2142, a fantastic futuristic fps game (or near-future idk) game with Titan carriers, VTOLs, Mechs, and hover tanks! So the interesting question is, would the next Battlefield game be 2143? Well the tiro did mention that it helps bring creativity, so I won't be surprise if Battlefield do a near-future or a 2143 game.

So what about Bad Company? Ah yes, I can hear many fans a screaming about having a Bad Company 3 game; however, there is something interesting about it. See, while it is good to have a Bad Company 3, Dice doesn't know what made the other two Bad Company games so magically. I can actually see this being possible, and scary at the same time. However; I can see the point and I can give my opinion what make Bad Company such a fantastic game. lets go down the list;

1) The destruction and free roaming is huge

2) The Comedy between the squad and memorable characters

3) Poking fun at other FPS games (Come on, Bad Company 2 poke fun at COD numerous times)

4) just all out awesome

With such, those is how I see what Bad Company was so successful with gamers.

With everything taken form the trio in the video. Which games do I think would be the next Battlefield game? That I will let DICE decide and surprise me. However I want to hear it from you, what genre should the next Battlefield game be and what you want to see in the next installment.

I'm Masterwolf, and I shall see you all later!