Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Novil's Sandra and Woo Review

Master Wolf here! so what happen when a little girl adopts a raccoon who can talk? You get one heck of an adventure between the two in Sandra and Woo.

So Sandra and Woo is a webcomic that follows Sandra and Woo the raccoon on their many adventures together. while there is no clear plot from what I gather, however it does make it up in the situations that our two characters comes across with funny moments for each of the situation. However, as I read through the comic, I realize that what it was going for was what growing up means for Sandra and her best friends in middle school. I find this really good and quite heart warming. We all know what are childhood is like and sometimes don't want to grow up, but we soon realize that there are times where we have to grow up and step into a world that is different than what we think. 'Sandra and Woo' really does a good job portraying this, but in a more hilarious matter.

The art style is really good too, really capture the feel of not only the environment but the characters as well. I do like the idea of having a raccoon being the main character companion which is good idea and have some good humor for it.

With a good coming of age story and great characters, I find this is be a good webcomic to go read and see what else it have to offer. So go and have a read!

you can find 'Sandra and Woo' as well as Novil's other works by clicking on the following links


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