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KittMouri's Hybrids: Gods and Demons Review

Masterwolf here.

So we all know the history between Settles and Native Americans when Colonists first came to the America, the Conflicts it brought, and not to mention brought upon the darkest time of American History. When looking back, I notice how wrong the Settlers and even Colonialist were in not only how they view Native Americans, but the treatment they gave to them. Yeah, everyone back when America was young was a bunch of assholes. However; there are still many Native American Tribes that are still around to this day and a lot of amazing arts and crafts, music, and even how they view life.

The topic of Settlers and Natives have been seen a lot in media, ranging from movies like Pocahontas to an episode on several TV shows. Its also been seen in books and art, which is the topic of today's review; but with a twist.

So what would happens if there were a tribe of anthropomorphic animals put into the conflict between a group Settlers and a group of Natives; You get Hybrids: Gods and Demons.

So since there is only two issues of the comic out, this will only be my thoughts on the two issues and background information on the characters.

The story itself is quite interesting from the start of the first issue, the main plot from what I gather is the Moon Tribe, led by Wolf, is trying to maintain peace between a native tribe called the Black Creek Tribe, who honors the Moon Tribe as honored ones, and a group of settlers that have their settlement nearby. From the start of Issue #1 we meet our three faction, the Moon Tribe and their ally, Black Creek Tribe, and the Settlers led by Grayson. We start of the comic with the settlers as they are in a situation of not having enough food to survive the winter and that all their crops failed. An elderly man named Eric have a plan to solve this issue and that is taking food from the natives (What about, asking them for help and learn how to grow food? That's a better plan than what he wants to do) Already from the gates, we see that Eric seem to think that he and the settlers are entitled to the land, which is clear from the way he talks about them. (Already, I am starting to hate the guy.)

Before he could rally the settlers to charge into the natives land, an arrow hits the touch Eric was holding and someone warn him about handling fire. Now we're introduced the characters from the Moon Tribe, Wolf and Bear, who came to the settlement with a warning (This should go well.) As Wolf issues the Settlers, or pale ones as they refer them, the warning, he drew and arrow and expertly shot Eric's hat off. (Okay, so two things about the whole scene bothers me. 1) won't Wolf's action to what he did have a negative effect in the long run? 2) What would happen if that arrow drop just a few inches from the intended target? That could turn very ugly faster than the Hindenburg Disaster. but those are just nitpicking). So after Eric commented on who will get burned (I Have a Flamethrower and Napalm! DON'T MAKE ME USED THEM ON YOUR SORRY ASS ERIC!) and calling them 'Demons', we've switch scene to the Native American Tribe where other Hybrids are visiting; this is interesting to note that while the settlers see the hybrids as demons, the Native Americans see the hybrids as honored creatures. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hybrids of the Moon Tribe are going to be struggling over the identity of being saviors or being label as enemy of humanity.

However, there are two Hybrids that isn't from North America; This is Lion and Lioness. (I know what you all want to know, 'how the hell did a lion and lioness manage to get to North America?' There is a back story to the reason behind this; and that is they were betrayed by The Sun Tribe and sold into slavery (Yes there is another Tribe of Hybrids in Africa, however the leader of that Tribe want the mass extinction of the Human Race. Yeah, this isn't very helping and I could see problems in the future) So Lion and Lioness are getting fitted for their winter garments since they are not apart of the land, make sense. However Lion doesn't think he'll be needing the garments and starts complaining (I sense Karma is going to bite him in the butt later on) and its clear that while Lion may be complaining, Lioness seem to be enjoying the garments... That is until Lion commented something that have Lioness tackle him to the ground. (Smooth Lion. Real Smooth.) Forgot to mention we get to meet Coyote, Raccoon, and Snow Leopard as well.

Next up in introduction is Cougar and Fox, who is on look out detail to make sure that only those they can trust see their homes (Wish they have a sign reading 'GET OUT OF MY FOREST!') though Fox seems to be a bit on edge. Cougar, who was mending a broken arrow, commented on Fox's on edge issue which Fox stated he was being more observant than his elder, which Cougar asked him about what was behind a tree. Fox answer what was behind a tree, however he was shock when he saw a deer that Cougar said to him after he list the animals behind the tree (Cool, does that mean Cougar wins $5?) But Fox notices something was off and then realize that it was one of Cougar's Light Ability (CHEATER!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!) Cougar explain who to be in touch with their ability until Fox mention that he couldn't be able to control the wind as it doesn't listen to him (perhaps if you weren't uptight all the time, it won't be an issue). So this causes Cougar to help Fox be able to communicate with his ability and gives him a lesson.

I am only going to do with the first comic of the series as it hasn't been updated since comic #2. However, despite the lack of fore ground to the comics begins, it is still a good read and an interesting one at that. It gives a whole new twist on the settlers vs natives tale by adding in a third party and I do hope that the Hybrids would be the ones that have the most struggles debating on finding a middle road between the two sides rather than focusing on one side.

For me, this is a good comic; The story is very unique, the artwork is beautiful, and the characters themselves have their own unique personality. So go visit KittMouri page on DA and see not only her Hybrid work, but her other works as well!

DA page:

This is Master Wolf, and I shall see you on the Battlefield!

Final Verdict: 5/5

Another look into LKHFF

so you remember my earlier review about 'Lion King Heart Fantasy Film'? Well... I decided to take another look into the group and you know what... I take it ALL BACK!!!

So there is a thing called 'self-insertion fan fiction' where the author place him/her into the movie and basically just follow the movie script. That is what LKHFF is, and you know something that really bothers me the most... WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP ADDING CHARACTERS TO SOMETHING IF ALL THEY DO IS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, what gives? It's a train wreck when trying to figure out 'who in the massive of characters do we need to focus more on?' To mean, you don't need characters from other movies, games, TV shows, or whatever to make it a good story; use your own character for it! There is already four characters that are already well establish; Leo, Johnny, Rae, and Benny. Why not just use those four characters as the main group! you don't need an army of characters just to have a good story; having a small group of characters is a best way to make sure you don't have to stress yourself over writing who do what!

Another problem is the stories themselves, for example; Benny's fan fiction of the Slenderman. It would be so much better if it was a fan fiction between the Ghost Busters and Slenderman, but nope... we have to add in the characters from a WHOLE RANGE OF FAVORITE GENRES IN IT!!!! and you know something... I never really got past the first chapter... nope... could not read it further on.

Now I will say that Benny did a fan fiction of the Ghost Busters and FNAF, haven't read it just yet; but I am sure it would be much better than 'BLJaR meet the Slender Man'.

All I can say is simple this... just stick to four characters and please leave other characters from other genres out!

I am Master Wolf and... I need to vent, so I'll see you on the Battlefield!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

My take on what the next Battlefield game is

Masterwolf Here!

So a few days I happen to come across this video here;

So since Levelcap, Jackfrag, and Matimi0 brought this topic up, I decided to throw in my two cents in and give my opinion on several things that they brought up on the video

So lets start of with the idea of a World War 1 Battlefield game. Well, I don't there is anything you could do with a WW1 game. There were few weapons that was used during the war, most of the war was nothing but trench warfare, and I am not sure how tanks and plane could be used in a period when the armored warfare and dogfighting was very new. So trying to mix Battlefield and WW1, I really don't think it would happen, however that doesn't mean you can make it interesting. But as the three in the video mention, there isn't a lot to do with WW1.

Now lets get into the juicy stuff, World War 2. It's been sometime since Battlefield 1942 has come out and Battlefield 1943 is console exclusive (PLEASE DICE! RELEASE IT TO PC! I WILL THROW MY SOUL FOR THAT GAME!) However, it is quite possible for Battlefield to make a return to World War 2 since we now are able to do a lot of destruction and I could see them either doing a remake to 1942 with the new improvement to the Frostbite engine or create a new game. Plus it would be a good change compare to all the futuristic fps games that has been coming out.

From World War 2 to the Future? Yes I am talking about 2142 or as the fans been demanding, Battlefield 2143. So we all know about Battlefield 2142, a fantastic futuristic fps game (or near-future idk) game with Titan carriers, VTOLs, Mechs, and hover tanks! So the interesting question is, would the next Battlefield game be 2143? Well the tiro did mention that it helps bring creativity, so I won't be surprise if Battlefield do a near-future or a 2143 game.

So what about Bad Company? Ah yes, I can hear many fans a screaming about having a Bad Company 3 game; however, there is something interesting about it. See, while it is good to have a Bad Company 3, Dice doesn't know what made the other two Bad Company games so magically. I can actually see this being possible, and scary at the same time. However; I can see the point and I can give my opinion what make Bad Company such a fantastic game. lets go down the list;

1) The destruction and free roaming is huge

2) The Comedy between the squad and memorable characters

3) Poking fun at other FPS games (Come on, Bad Company 2 poke fun at COD numerous times)

4) just all out awesome

With such, those is how I see what Bad Company was so successful with gamers.

With everything taken form the trio in the video. Which games do I think would be the next Battlefield game? That I will let DICE decide and surprise me. However I want to hear it from you, what genre should the next Battlefield game be and what you want to see in the next installment.

I'm Masterwolf, and I shall see you all later!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Kingdom Heart-ish? (A novel review)

Master Wolf Here.

It is no question that I love Kingdom Hearts <3 perhaps the best game series to ever blessed the gaming world with its memorable characters to the story itself. Countless fans have grown attach to the many characters in Kingdom Hearts with their unique personality and the worlds they traveled to and made friends with both Disney and Final Fantasy characters as Sora, Donald, Goofy, and friends battle Xehanort and his ambition to merge Kingdom Hearts. With the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 and the end of the Xehanort saga, its no question we have come a long way since the first Kingdom Hearts was released and fans begin to love and always wonder what will our Heroes adventure will be next.

However, we are not going to be talking about the Kingdom Hearts series, nope we are going to read a novel that has similar aspect to the beloved series with some changes here and there. I am talking about 'Faith of the Heart' by DisneyFan01

Faith of the Hearts Part 1 Chapter 1: First Sight

So as of right now, there is 3 parts (or books) that follows Marina, Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale, Jiminy Chriket, and Captain Silver travel from world to world to not only find more about the Nightmares and the Prophecy, but to save their wizard friend Merlin from the clutches of Darkness. As their adventures continues, they meet countless memorable characters and new friends, such as Jose, Panchito, and Genie, as the mystery and adventure continues to unraveled and each world brings new danger to the group.

So right of the bat, there is something I have to bring up; and that is the main character is very flawed and does comes off as Mary Sue-ish. Now there is nothing wrong with a lawful good character, however I do wish to see Marina Seadrift's flaws play an important part. She does have moments where her weakness comes up; but nothing really character changing (with the exception to her becoming the adopted mother to Kopa after Sarabi died from her wounds).

Another thing that I really wish the author to do more is give the boys of the group some character development that makes them stand out and memorable. Like Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Donald, and Goofy have much different personality from one another; however, they are able to play off each other perfectly as they went on many adventures and have a lot of development between the three. But in 'Faith of the Hearts', we've barely have any development or some conflicts between characters (with the exception between Donald/Marina and Marina/Captain Silver; but that's just it). It would be nice to see some interesting character building.

However; despite all the nitpicking of the series, its not at all bad.

Let me explain; Despite being Kingdom Heart-ish and often kept true to the movies (Aladdin and Little Mermaid), its actually a good read and I see it more as a tribute to the beloved series. It is enough that it's completely it's own series and made use of settings and locations to it's advantage. There is a sense that there is something much bigger at play and we have only seen the surface of the big plan. Even though the story can be slow at start, it does starts going when we get to the battles.

As of right now, the story is in Book 3 and continue to impress me. Disneyfan01 has a lot of potential in being an amazing writer as well as a great artist. I can't wait to see what else is in stored to 'Faith of the Hearts' in future chapters. So with that, I say that this series is a great read and worth your time.

Final Verdict: 5/5

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Re: Easy's Bio-Revelation Review

Master Wolf here! So all of you may have remember my previous review of Easy's comic 'Bio-Revelation'. Well since she is redoing the series, I decided to redo my review on it and see what have change and see if its for the best. So lets take a look at 'Bio-Revelation' redo by Easy!

So what is different in this redo? how about the beginning where we get a rather interesting news report about a situation (this serve as an interesting setup to what is about to come, but doesn't go into too much detail about it) We then go back before the situation to see a rather grim reminder of the 1960's where segregation was at its worst, however like before Easy tackle the topic about cloning and the way we respond to it... also one can spot a sign of a lab selling... clones... okay forget the 1960's reference, this is pre-Civil War era mix with the 1960's era! My god, I can't imagine how the United Nations will react to this... anyway, getting off track.

This redo does things way different as we get to see more back story to the Watson Brothers and Jer's struggle to trying to balance his own life and being with the (extremely racist) Friends of Humanity (or rather Enemy of Humanity), trust me; you'll see why I said in my previous review they are more of a terrorist group with the amount of things they get away with. (then again, that what's happen when you have PMC's to be your main police force... which is a stupid move.)

Not only we get a back story to the Watson Brothers, but we do get a back story to Lance; who (I am totally shock about) was a former member of... you know what, I don't want to spoil it, so I will let you readers see what I am talking about.

Dmitri is still an asshole and a bad guy with what I can gather a secret agenda giving what he does in the comic, which means we have are official antagonist with perhaps a motive. Also it would seems that there is a riff slowly growing with the F.O.H. from one part of the comic of the ethics of their treatments.

So far, the Redo is worth a read and does things a lot better that the original hasn't touched on. I praised Easy for doing this redo as it brings much more emotions and leave the readers to wonder what will happen next in the series. Here's to Easy to continue such a great work!

Re: Bio-Revelation Verdict: 5/5

My Thoughts on Inkblazers Shutting Down

Master Wolf here! So some of you may have notices this already, but to others who don't is that Inkblazers (or MangaMagazine) a comic/manga sharing website is shutting down next year due to money issues. So my response to the whole thing is 'meh'

Now before anyone bash me for my response (I know some friends who are comic artists and was using this site for almost everything), here is the reason why I went 'meh' at the news of the website shutting down; it wasn't really that good of a website.

So why do I think that InkBlazers/MangaMagazine isn't that great to begin with? Well lets get started on the way the website is laid out; which is bad in my opinion.

DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and other websites I am apart of have user friendly layouts that users can use with ease, from search engines to dashboards. Inkblazers on the other hand has a complicated layout that sometimes doesn't even work that great at all. The only friendly layout that does work was the bookshelf that will let you know which comic has be updated with a new page, but that is just the only good thing it has. You can delete past comments on your dashboards nor clean up unwanted junk that plagues your dashboards. Sure you can select which type of messages you want to see, but that should not be the case. So that is one thing I have a problem with and from hearing others I talked about this, I am not the only one.

The second one is the way it was managed. From the Email I have received from a friend of mine explaining why the site is closing, which brings a lot of questionable things that have been made before the announcement. One of this questionable move was the whole 'Preview Program' while the idea is really great, pays comic artists for every page they release, it does have a lot of flaws; even with the tight on budget as the email said. So why would you put something like 'Preview Program' when you don't have the money? Like my father have said, 'Don't spend when you don't have the money to spend with.' a logical saying, but it seems that the owner didn't think it thought. Another thing I notice in the Email is that the owner didn't even thought about using ads or other advertising to get more people to come and read, but it would seem those advise had fallen on deaf ears and that is why the website is shutting down, because the owner seem to have little care for it.

While the website does help raising comic artists to get notice, there are better comic sharing sites out there that does the concept better that InkBlazers has fallen short on. Its surprising seeing my friends panic when they first heard the news then suddenly calm down when they found other sites or have already accounts on those sites yet never used it until now. So is this the end of the artists on InkBlazers? No.

They have already found other websites even created a group to keep in touch with each other. So it's not the end, it's just a beginning of something better.

I'm Master Wolf, and I will be seeing you later!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Editorial: Is everything really Obama's fault?

Master Wolf here! Time for another Editorial and this one... I might get some flak but it is the damn truth people!

So the question for today is... is everything really Obama's fault. The answer is... *drumroll* ... no.

Before everyone go blasting on to the comments and yelling about how I am sooooo wrong, I want to go over Government 101 for newbies first; so that we are all clear about how the government works...

#1: Congress has the most power.
You might be wondering 'why does Congress have the most power?' because they are the lawmakers and budget makers, as well as determined if the law should be revisited or be taken down. In truth, from what my family has heard several Congress members in the southwest states about 'sending Obama the Bill!'... wouldn't it be more of 'We're sending the bill to ourselves!'... kinda hypocritical there... Also the President can suggest to Congress on what topic needs to be look at... and that's it.... So before anyone go blame Obama, how about you blame Congress first.

#2: Presidents can only Suggest topic, sign bills, or veto bills.
Once a bill passes both House and Senate, it is up to the President to see if he/she likes what he/she sees and signs it, or if there was something he/she doesn't like then he/she can Veto it and send it back to Congress. the President can also suggest Congress about a topic or what he would like to see, but once that's down... then its up to Congress to decide whether or not go deep into the topic. So basically... the President is only there to sign bills into laws or veto them.

#3: Congress has the most say on every matter
When a situation occurs, The President can't do anything without the backing of Congress to see if they are for it or against it. So then with the current situation that is happening now, Congress is the one to blame. Why you may ask? because they were the ones that won't allow a certain amount of money needed for Border Patrol or Federal Judges needed to handle this situation. Reason is simple, Congress has the power to approve or disapprove anything that comes their way... so in short... BLAME CONGRESS FOR NOT DOING THEIR %$#@ING JOB!!!

*clears throat* sorry, so now that we know how Government in the US works... the real question is, who's at fault the most? The answer is so clear, that you don't need anything to see it. Congress is the ones that isn't doing the job we sent them to do. So why are Congress (most of them) blaming Obama... Well... there is one reason that I could think of that makes so much sense... but also a scary fact... most of congress Congress are Racist.

Now I know this is a huge jumping of the shark, but... once you read and hear stories where most of Congress blames Obama, as well as looking back at pass presidents... then its a huge scary fact. Now how can the situation we're in be fixed? well first thing is Congress needs to get their heads out of their asses. Some members of Congress are actually doing their jumps and what to deal with the situation, however you have most people Congress who want to do nothing and just collect their huge paychecks in the end of their terms. They also want to whine and complain that nothing is getting done when in reality, they are the ones that haven't done anything.

Like Obama said at the rally, 'I am doing my job, it's congress that needs to do theirs.' which is so much fact that even our pass presidents would totally agree with him. People, we need to change this; we need to let Congress know that they need to suck it up and get back to work. If not, then this might lead us down the road of the beginning of the end.

I'm Master Wolf, and I will see you on the next post!